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9 Replies to “And the truth shall get you fired”

  1. You gotta applaud Eric Bell for being a Leftist that actually saw reason for change.

    He spoke out against Loonwatch and they responded by defaming him and getting him kicked off. He said absolutely nothing derogatory about Muslims, he simply wanted human rights to apply universally.

  2. I read the comments on the last article that appeared in the daily kos. Instead of addressing a single thing he said they only attacked him as a person. I’d previously thought conservatives were talking out their bums whenever they started on about Saul Alinsky tactics but there it was right on the page.

    It was obviously a tacktic intended to marginaize him and make others afraid to express the thoughts he did out of a fear of expulsion from the group.

  3. I don’t understand this type of people. Do they live in a muslim-free world? One only needs to assess what he experiences from muslims in his daily life to know that the only thing they’re about is subversive criminal parasitism.

  4. Notice how reporting is done he went out to prop up the narrative not to write a story.

    Most people only know Muslims behind a counter or driver of a cab they don’t talk with them and know very little about them or their beliefs.

    Statistics also show most Muslims in the US and in Europe are not out to dominate the world they just want to live a peaceful average life. Right now it is between 10 to 40% evil in western countries and moving fast toward evil.

    Once it hits +50% I believe we will have a tipping point in the general populations perception of Islam.

  5. A lefty who converts is worth a lot, as much probably as a Muslim becoming apostate. Hopefully Bell will set a trend. Could eyes be finally starting to open?

  6. It would be worth doing an analysis on motives for attitudes. Clearly if one is interested in truth and individual rights then leftists must be misguided or they are, like Michael Moore, making heapum big dollar for selling their propaganda.

    At some point, a risk-benefit equation has to be run and if done properly, it would reveal the point at which, people would shift their views to one we understand. Just think of post 911 conservatives for example. The smarter crop of the former left, able to realize the new facts on the ground without it necessarily effecting them personally.

    For the rest, it seems to take a more powerful stimulus before they recognize the suicidal nature of their positions. Then the issue becomes, ‘will enough of them come around in time?’ Answer is probably not. One only needs examine how nations are becoming Islamic when its a dead certainty that most of it’s inhabitants do not actually want anything remotely like what will and is happening to them. Iran being perhaps the best of all examples of that.

    So clearly most people will not take a courageous stance, preferring perhaps to think someone else will fix this problem for them if they even admit there is a problem at all. This brings us back to what we all do here. The importance of disseminating the kinds of information likely to assist people to face up to uncomfortable, anti-narrative facts on the ground is huge. At some point it really is about how many people are ready to sacrifice a tiny bit of their safety and their comfort to preserve the bulk of it.

    If not enough do, then all of us lose nearly of safety and comfort not to mention freedom.

  7. Eeyore you greatly underestimate the lefts zeal

    I said this a number of times once the left decides Islam is evil you and I will be on the Muslims side helping them.

    Think of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and so on.

  8. There were many Germans who were not out to dominate the world, but just wanted to live a peaceful average life during the time between 1933 to 1945. Except that they had succumbed to the ‘Good German Syndrome’ and joined the ranks of the rest of those groupthinkers in the Nazi party. When fighting a war, there’s no distinction between the moderates, the radicals, and the fanatics. Welcome to the cultural war of the 21st Century. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to meet someday in a more peaceful world.

  9. said, “When fighting a war, there’s no distinction between the moderates, the radicals, and the fanatics.”

    Yes there were. Remember the Nazi SS? Near the end of the war they knew they were screwed. They did suicide attacks and built suicide vehicles for them to die in. Everyone knew the Nazi SS were the elite of evil even among the German military.

    I believe you mean when there is a real war everyone is a target which is mostly true.

    I think the best example of None Nazi German was field marshal Rommel he was NEVER a Nazi yet did his duty until he felt he had to stop Hitler but failed.
    There were some cases of Germans helping American fliers down behind the lines it was rare but did happen.

    Even in the times of the Crusades El Cid allied with the Muslim Moors. War has never been clear cut lines.

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