Anonymous posts three new videos threatening whole geopolitical entities.

Now I am certain that at least one of these is fake. But I suspect the Israel one is as well, as the syntax is suspiciously Arabic in it.

First, Greece:

Then, Israel. Some of the claims in both Greece and Israel are not what I would call, concerns of those genuinely interested in individual rights and liberties.

And lastly this one. This one I believe for many reasons, is sincere in many ways.

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9 Replies to “Anonymous posts three new videos threatening whole geopolitical entities.”

  1. I’d not shed a tear if the Israelis could track down such scum and give them a taste of their medicine… Or a taste of what Adolf Eichmann got.

  2. hahahaha,….’we are fascists who cannot spell and we will be back’. the last one was too funny. it summed up the first two perfectly.

  3. While many counterjihad videos are banned from youtube, this sort of digital litter is allowed to run wild through internet. Nice.

  4. This isn’t a real anonymous group. I’d bet a bushel load of bippies that it’s Iranian propoganda trying to make it look like Anonymous cares about Iran. It’s not an arab Anonymous group because no other arabs ever care about any other arabs and arabs HATE Iran for oodles of reasons. Wikileaks showed that the other arab countries have been begging America to pressure Israel to strike Iran.

    That they mention the “attack upon a soverign state”, considering what’s going on right now, indicates this is really about Iran and thus made by Iran. I doubt they are doing anything more than they have done but this is trying to make it look like Anonymous is doing something and they hope members of Anonymous around the world will be tricked by this into attacking Israel for them.

    They are also using it to garner pity because of the perception that Anonymous is a group that fights for the oppressed.

    Another argument for this being Iranian propoganda is that Iranian propoganda is much more subtle with multiple layers subtle BS or obfustication and exhibits a more facile use of language than arab propoganda (yet it’s still not quite as venomously effective as Russia Today). I’ve seen an explosion in Iranian propoganda on popular sites recently including 9gag, which really really really pisses me off.

  5. oh my gawddddd, they are totally insane, I just listened to one of the vids, the message to Israel, and I am so sorry that these really capable people who could be working for a worthy cause, are brainwashed and suffering from dilusions about the politics of the world….perhaps they are connected to people who are imprisoned and have never been out experiencing the world, seeing for themselves the evil in the mentality of so many cultures that perpetrate violence from their infrastructure, and have evil imbodies within the cults and religions that govern behaviors in their countries, let me see, should I start a list, you idiot nincompoops, too many to list, in Africa, middle east, south america,,,,on and on and on and on, and these kids who are computer hackers and genius’ sadly are so uneducated and ignorant that they have never bothered to read about or see what goes on in various countries around the world…..unless….and quite possibly….. they are mainly Whabist, islamics, and supporters of evil cults..

  6. I don’t know who made the videos but in a lot of ways they are scary, they so a group with technical skills that are shilling for the far left, this makes them very dangerous.

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