Greece starts building fence on Turkish border

Wonder if there will be massive protests every week at North American universities over this ‘apartheid wall’

From Euro-observer

Greece starts building fence on Turkish border

06.02.12 @ 16:21


Greece on Monday started building a 10-km long fence on its border with Turkey to keep out thousands of irregular migrants seeking to cross into Europe. “This is a project which has practical and symbolic value,” citizen protection minister Christos Papoutsis told reporters. Its cost is estimated at €5.5 million.

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  1. Of course not, its only “racist”, “bigoted”, “islamaphobic” if the Jews do it. Actualy I am sure there is a clause in the leftocommie/islamofacist playbook that everything bad is because of the Jews dont ya know. If a dictator country, communist country, democratic country, is against Israel, everyone applauds him/her/it, as soon as they “try” to “normalise” relationships with Israel, then they need to be got rid of, pretty simple rules actualy. How to know who not to vote for, they blame Israel for the breakdown in the so called “peace process”.

  2. PD111: No, they have no permission from the EU to do so, or at least the EU does not want to help. They call the project “pointless”. And please read this statement: “It is up to EU states to decide how to secure their borders, but they have to take into account “international obligations including the respect of migrants, human rights,” Cercone said.

    more here:

    No wonder, however. The EU wants to islamize Europe completely. Such fence only blocks their pretensions to implement the eurabian agenda.

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