Phyllis Chesler busts the NYT for fake news supporting leftist causes. Again.

Remember the NYT? The newspaper that would appear to be complicit in the holomodor, the systematic genocide against millions of Ukrainians? Well they appear to have learned nothing from their backing of Walter Durante.

Here it is again:

To date, the New York Times has published at least ten articles (op-eds disguised as news, real op-eds, letters) about the film The Third Jihadwhich first appeared in 2009. The NYT-dominated campaign led to coverage in the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and other mainstream media venues.

Ordinarily, this would be very good news for the filmmakers. More than three years later and so much publicity — and yet, the price for so many negative film reviews involves being demonized and erroneously portrayed. In the NYT, the backers of the film are referred to as “deep pocketed” pro-Israelis, wealthy and/or religious philanthropists, who “have opposed a full return of the West Bank to Palestinians.”

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