2008 interview with Omar Khadr sister on Toronto radio

Thank you very much Sdamat2a for taking the time and effort to get this too me. It is a great indicator of the mentality of the Khadr family. Despite her best effort she seems unable to disguise her contempt for all things Canadian.

However there is still a TV clip out there, probably from CBC, where the mother of the family openly mocks Canada, calls its people all drug addicts and homosexuals and says she will be damned if she lets her children grow up here, while taking full advantage of every social program we have including, but not limited to, over $1M worth of medical services for one of her other sons injured while fighting our own troops in Pakistan or Afghanistan. At least as memory serves.

I would so love to have that clip.

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3 Replies to “2008 interview with Omar Khadr sister on Toronto radio”

  1. This is the kind of interview that drives a man to drink.
    So many questions – so little truth!
    Why are they Canadian citizens?
    Another reason why dual citizenship MUST be stopped.
    I gotta go now, I have to buy myself a gun and go do some charity work . . .

  2. I couldn’t bear to listen to all of this, the lies were revolting. Always trust your body’s reaction to something and mine was becoming nauseated, actually islamonauseated by the outright lies this person was trying to make us believe. She must think we’re idiots.

    I’m disgusted that these vermin are allowed to use & abuse our country. I’m disgusted that Chretien fought to have them here. They & their spawn should be repatriated to the country of their ancestors. Send that a$$hole Chretien with them. That would be justice.

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