Halifax salon offers women-only day for Muslims

Tolerance of the intolerant leads to a layered society, where the nicest people are doormats for the bastards.

What about ‘No Jews’ for the Muslims? Certainly no dogs, but what about having a no colored folk for the Nazis who might want a nice quaff?

Notice how the CBC spins this so that the people who insisted on not segregating clients to accommodate the intolerance of Muslims are somehow the rude-racists in the scenario below.

But just wait….

Wait until they try and get rid of the gay people in the salon….

From CBC News:


A downtown Halifax salon has introduced a new service geared toward Muslim women, offering female-only hairstyling days to protect the privacy of women who choose to cover their hair.

Some Muslim women, for modesty purposes, choose to cover their hair in public and only uncover it in the presence of other women, or male relatives.

So every Monday at the CAS Spa and Salon, the men disappear.

“We put down the blinds, we lock the door and put a sign on that it is for women only at those times,” said Lesley Williams, the spa’s owner.

The salon has been offering the service since December.

“They spend a lot of time after they have their service done in the mirror, feeling their hair, touching it, and commenting on how much they love it,” Williams said. “They’re really excited to have full service.”

Reema Alharthi, a student from Saudi Arabia, said “for any woman, going to the salon is a special thing.”

When Alharthi moved to Halifax she tried to get her hair cut at another salon that was not sympathetic to her privacy concerns.

“[One employee] was like, ‘No, we can’t have that,’ and she said that kind of in a rude way, so that was a disappointment for me,” Alharthi said.

Alharthi said she told Williams two years ago about her difficulties finding a salon that would accommodate her wishes.

“She listened to me and she said ‘Why don’t we have it here?’ ” Alharthi said.

The salon has several dozen clients who use the service because they can remove their headscarves.

Alharthi said even though she covers her hair in public, getting her hair done makes her feel special.

“It’s a beautiful feeling,” she said.

Stylist Karen MacKenzie does all the cutting.

MacKenzie said her clients are excited when the scissors are put down. “I cut it a little bit shorter and layered it a bit more and she couldn’t stop touching it before she left,” MacKenzie said.

The salon’s owner expects that with more international students and a growingly diverse population in Halifax the service will become even more popular.

Williams said she heard stories “all the time about how they were either rejected from other salons or had to have their hair done in someone’s kitchen in order to ensure privacy. I wanted to take care of them.”

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12 Replies to “Halifax salon offers women-only day for Muslims”

  1. So presumably they would have no problem with any other women using this facility then,just as long as it is women only right? There you go ladies,I suggest women from all religions,Jewish,christians,whatever should participate and let’s just see what the reaction is then? Not only from the muzzies but from the lefty,p.c,equal rights brigade who i have the feeling will keep a very low profile in this case!

  2. Instead of complaining about it, this piece of information should be kept in store to fire back at people now critizing Israel because of the increased number of stories currently circulating about religious anti-female attitudes in Israel.

    (If the response is “….. do two wrongs make a right?” the counter is that non-Christian countries that are religion-based have to find a balance for this behaviour; in this case our western culture is adapting unacceptably for Islam but not for other religions.)

  3. Ummmmm………..what a spa! Do they offer a scented sensual Egyptian hand rape? Is there a no go neighborhood in Halifax yet? You could get one there.

  4. If it was a public institution then I would be cheesed off too but it’s a private company and can do what it likes. If they think that policy will improve it’s income they have every right to implement it. I am guessing that mondays are the slowest days for the salon and they thought this would bring in some more money.

    I belonged to a russian baths that would have man only and woman only hours once a week for orthodox or hassidic jewish people. It was not a religiously minded company. Women went topless all the time and after hours… well that’s a story for another website entirely. Let’s just say that after I found out I stopped using the jacuzzi.

    Lucille Roberts is a successfull woman only Gym because a lot of women are embarassed to excercise in front of men.

    B+H is one of the most famous camera retailers in the world and they are closed on saturday, the biggest shopping day of the week, in the largest retail area of the city, because the company is jewish owned.

  5. The story made me feel increadibly sad for these women. They get pampered and get all excited about their hair styles and feel special then have to put on those stupid rags because some illiterate psychopathic control freak back in the dark ages hated women.

    Hopefully this will make them want to throw those stupid rags in the trash where they belong.

  6. It is a private business so they can do what they want, but this is just catering to the Moslems and helping the resist assimilating into Western culture.

  7. I will boycott any business that panders to muslims, period.

    @ “Truthiocity”
    Save your pity for the Christians that these vermin attack & kill on a daily basis around the world. The women you pity are breeding the next generation of terrorists for islam.

  8. Yes it is indulging, but that’s what businesses do in order to survive. This change by a private business isn’t infringing on anyones rights and isn’t inconveniencing anyone. It’s not an educational institution, a public pool, a hospital, legal institution or large factory.

    If a resturaunt owner has the right (and he goddamned does) to put up a sign saying he doesn’t serve halal then another business has the same right to cater to mulim women in order to increase cash flow.

    This was an individual business owners choice, not an order handed down by sleazy islamic imperialists or the government.

    “helping them to resist assimilating into Western culture” Oh contrayah mon frayah.

    A salon that was just muslim only would be that sort of “multiculturalism”. But that’s not the case here.

    This is the exact opposite of the perversely named “multiculturalism”. They will be interacting with western women for prolonged periods of time.

    And what do women do when they get together? They talk, they gossip, they sympathise, they empathise, they read Vogue and People and talk about every single frikkin paragraph. Its a no men day, not a no non muslim day. So aside from the hairdressers there will be non muslim women clients there too – talking (and talking and talking).

    This is a real kind of cosmopolitan multicultrualism. Here they are being encouraged (in fact bribed with positive feelings) to interact with western women. The muslim women who go there and hang out with western women will become less insular.

    Things that encourage seperatism should be condemned but things that encourage assimilation should be, well, encouraged.

    And if the muslim women are all bitches and scare off the western clients then the salon, because it’s a private business, can easily stop the policy.

  9. Actually my ‘hate on’ is for Islam not muslims. Also I have a ‘hate on’ for Nazism and communism as well. So now you have more ammunition for your logical fallacy attack on me. Ideologies that are supremacist and take away rights and freedoms from others must be fought. islam is chief among those at this time.

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