Radical Tunisian Imam in Paris Faces Possible Deportation


| 25 January 2012 | 2 Comments
Tunisian imam Mohammed Hammami

Mohamed Hammami, a Tunisian imam, is accused of giving anti-semitic sermons and advocating the killing of adulterous women. The French Interior Minister, Claude Gueant, initiated eviction charges against Hammami for “violent anti-semitic utterances.” A “deportation committee” will deliver its verdict on Hammami’s deporatation on February 7th.

Hammami is the imam of Tabligh Omar mosque on Jean-Pierre Timbaud Street, located in the 11th district of Paris, France.

Hammami is believed to have delivered an anti-semitic sermon in which he said, “The money of those who are faithful should not be placed in banks, since that would benefit the Jews.” He is also believed to have said that adulterous woman should be punished by getting “whipped to death.”

The Tabligh Omar mosque was founded by Hammami and belongs to the Tabligh Jamaat movement – a Muslim missionary movement that aims to revive the faith of Muslims through a literal interpretation of the Qur’an. The movement is accused of promoting terrorism. Several French jihadists are thought to attend Hammami’s mosque.

Hammami was born in 1935 and moved to France in the 1960s. He may soon become the 35th imam to get expelled from French territories in the last 10 years.  Since September 11, 2001, French authorities have put imams’ sermons under closer surveillance.

Source: Le Figaro (French newspaper)

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