White Middle-Schooler Beaten Unconscious by Group of Black Students

American Thinker:

The story is shocking enough, even without bringing race into it: on the way to school in Ocala, FA, a thirteen-year-old girl was beaten unconscious and reportedly went into a seizure after being attacked on the school bus by a group of fellow students.


The girl reportedly was riding the bus for the first time.  Someone threw a shoe at her, and she threw it back, hitting a student.  That’s when the beating began.  At least seven students surrounded the girl, punched her, held her head to the floor by her hair, and kicked her.  The bus driver pulled the bus over, stopped the beating, and then continued driving.  But the beating started again, so the driver diverted to a nearby school and called officials, and the girl was taken to the hospital.


Aside from the brutality, there was another troubling fact about this crime — a fact that predictably did not make it into the news: the attackers were black, and the victim was white.  Yet, for the first few days after the attack, not a single news outlet reported on the race of the victim.  Since the attack occurred, only one news item has even indirectly mentioned the victim’s race.  This can’t be because the information was hard to come by.  The Ocala Sheriff’s Office responded to my inquiry about the victim’s race within hours.

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2 Replies to “White Middle-Schooler Beaten Unconscious by Group of Black Students”

  1. White kids this age behave the same way. They are all spazzes that don’t have the brain development needed to control the behavior their hormones inspire.

    Ya the police should put the fear of god into them and their parents and the school should punish them severely but race isn’t relevant here.

  2. Here in Sweden we have an expression for it. We say those children has been curled, from the sport curling. They have just slided and glided through life without friction at all. To the extension that the kids become extremely spoiled. When they come into conflict with something or someone, they either break down and cry or have a violent fit as any spoiled brat would have. Worse thing is they keep this behaviour , not only as teenagers but also as adults. So here in Sweden we now have our first generation of grown up babies. The blame should of course not be put on these kids but on their parents and also on the cultural marxists and the feminazi’s who originally started it all.

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