Four more fought off

By • on January 16, 2012

Law and Freedom

2012 has started with a bang.

That makes a total of 9. And we haven’t lost one so far.

The pattern is that when we fight a mosque planning application it gets stopped, and when we don’t – because we’re skint or someone lets us down – it goes through. Make what you want of that.

  • BOLTON. Application reference 87089/11: planning application to turn a shop (a former pub) into a mosque. Refused on traffic and parking grounds.
  • EALING. Application reference: 2011/4564: Planning application to turn the sheds to the rear of 387 & 389 Uxbridge Road into a mosque. Refused. No reason published online yet.
  • KIRKLEES. Application reference: 2011/92581. Planning application to turn the beautiful old Jolly Sailor Pub into a mosque. Application withdrawn.
  • LUTON. Council decision not to sell development land on the cheap to the Masjid E-Ali mosque outfit – see previous post.

Winning means either we get a refusal or the other side withdraw the application.

They could come back again, and if they do we’ll fight them again. But we’ve seen ‘em off this time.

There’s all to play for.

It can be done.

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2 Replies to “Four more fought off”

  1. This is good news. Now if only the good people of Sheepshead bay in New York can that ill conceived, obnoxious, “victory” mosque construction stopped. This mosque’s location had to be chosen in order to be an affront to the Jewish neigborhood there. There are no muslims in that neigborhood. No matter how one looks at it, the whole mosque proposal and construction is a blatant threat, an act of aggression pure and simple.

  2. Good, they are leading the way for the rest of the world to follow, all we have to do is prevent the left from stopping us.

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