Al-Shabab forces strike inside Kenya

From DW World: 

Al-Shabab insurgents have attacked a police station in northern Kenya in what they say is retaliation for Kenya’s ongoing military incursion into Somalia.

Somali insurgent group al-Shabab on Thursday claimed responsibility for the killing of at least six Kenyan police and government employees in northern Kenya.

This coincides with claims by Kenyan troops that they have scored a major victory against al-Shabab in the southern and central regions of Somalia.

The Islamist militia has carried out a series of attacks against Kenyan targets in the border region since Kenya sent troops into Somalia in October 2011. This was in response to a string of kidnappings of tourists and aid workers inside Kenya, which were blamed on al-Shabab.

For an assessment of the latest clashes, Deutsche Welle spoke to Anneli Botha, a senior researcher with the International Crime in Africa Program at the Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria. 

Deutsche Welle: Against the background of the latest clashes, how worried should refugees and humanitarian aid workers in this region be?

Anneli Botha: I think in any situation when you deal with al-Shabab, it’s very difficult to place on a map exactly where they are and keep them under control. The situation is very fluid, and whether it’s a refugee camp in Kenya or whether it’s the whole bush area, it is a matter of great concern at this stage.

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