If you can’t even make light about cannibalism, then this world has gone completely bonkers. The next in the line of fire are the comedians, they’ll be hounded for offending just about everybody. At least they believe in equal opportunity. KGS

NOTE: The artist makes a few mistakes however. The first one was to apologize, the second was to use a lame argument that he views cannibals as fictitious characters as Santa and werewolves. Cannibalism still happens today in many parts of Africa. So it wasn’t a racist cartoon, but highly factual truth telling.

Excerpt: According to the artist, cannibals, just as Santa Claus, werewolves and the like, are fantasy figures that he never thought would offend anyone.

”It wasn’t and will never be, my intention, But seeing as this has been perceived as racist, I naturally offer my utmost apologies,” he wrote.

Swedish hip-hop star slams ‘racist’ cartoon

Published: 12 Jan 12 11:53 CET | 

When Swedish newspaper Metro on Tuesday published a comic strip by Norwegian artist Frode Øverli, the paper received a barrage of complaints from readers who perceived the cartoon as racist.

Swedish artist Jason ”Timbuktu” Diakité was among those who reacted angrily toward the image.

”Frode Øverli’s comic strip…was the most insensitive and degrading thing I have ever read in your newspaper. It is a crystal clear case of ignorance and lack of insight in what it feels like to be subjected to racism. I feel deeply offended and very sad,” Diakité wrote in an email to Metro editor Peter Gunne.

The comic strip features a cannibal chief, his daughter, and a prospective suitor.

The cartoon was a play on the the phrase “to ask for someone’s hand” and many Metro readers felt that it was based on racial stereotypes.

”After all these years of human knowledge it seems you remain in the era of steam engines, racial biology and genocide. You should be ashamed of yourself for not knowing better,” Diakité wrote.

However, it wasn’t just Diakité who objected to the controversial strip. According to Metro, some 60 readers contacted the paper saying that they felt that the image was racist.

The paper has therefore chosen to print an apology, saying that it never meant to offend anyone.

”Is it OK to make fun of cannibals? Yes, I think so. Is it OK to joke in a way that can be seen as racist? Absolutely not,” Gunne wrote in Metro and added that the paper has a zero-tolerance policy against racism.

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