Evolution of anarchy to order. Occupy DC

THe occupy movement does have one interesting aspect to it at least. For me, it is watching anarchy evolve into rational systems for natural reasons. Imagine an area which declared itself to be anarchist and allowed to be so. Soon, people would tire of the theft of their food and goods making it impossible to do anything while guarding whatever they have left.  Volunteer cops would have to be found and soon, they would demand to be paid in one fashion or another because they can’t spend all their time guarding the goods of others and not being able to garner the necessities of life for themselves.

This video is a nice illustration of this with some different elements to it. But one thing that did strike me, was the scorn one of the occupy people show towards the lack of city services. Exactly why does someone who is protesting the system, who, presumably at least, wants a total recreation of the way in which things are done, expect that they should receive all the benefits of the system they protest while holding it in contempt, contributing nothing to it, and in fact seeking and working for it’s destruction?

That on top of the more ‘natural and organic’ problem they are trying to solve by creating natural hierarchies.

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  1. Well hopefully the rat poison will take care of the protesters as well. After all, they’re all nothing but smelly anarcho-rats themselves. Hmm, I wonder if the DC health director is enforcing the outdoor kitchen to serve halal foods only?

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