More proof Canadian people are not having enough babies

We have all seen people walking around with tiny dogs in different degrees of humiliating (one may presume) anthropomorphised  costumes, some even in baby carriages.

Well, someone sent me these pictures from a city park and no, these are not leg warmers as you can clearly see the buttons.

These are custom knit sweaters, or so it at least appears, for trees.


All three

Is this a redirect on basic human instincts? Or someone with way too much time and yarn on their hands?

Thank you for the photos Reader X

*** UPDATE ***

It has been suggested that these may be by some kind of ‘save the tree’ group. If it is, let me warn them to look over their shoulder for the ‘save the sheep’ crowd which can be a lot nastier I am reliably informed.


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  1. The is sometimes called yarn bombing or guerrilla knitting and is easily removed when compared to spray paint or carving. Metal light poles, parking meters, railings and doorknobs are also targets. Knitting groups sometimes get together to do this for fun. I’ve considered doing it since it seems like harmless fun. I’ve never thought there was any sort of agenda behind it.

  2. Thanks Les. I posted it because it is charming. I don’t think there is even a slight trace of evil involved, or an insidious agenda. I just thought it was cute and funny and the angle of ‘not enough babies’ gave me a funny angle to post it. But thanks for the explanation. That makes a lot of sense. It is just, ‘too much time and too much yarn’.

    I told a woman I know that if she stays on her diet another couple of years she can steal them and wear them.

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