Man Arrested Over ‘Florida Bombing Plan’


Police arrest photograph of alleged al Qaeda sympathiser Sami Osmakac, arrested in FloridaSami Osmakac was arrested after an undercover operation

7:30pm UK, Monday January 09, 2012

A suspected Islamic extremist has been arrested over an alleged plan to attack businesses and a police station in Florida, US authorities have said.

Sami Osmakac, 25, a naturalised US citizen who was born in the former Yugoslavia, was arrested in Tampa on January 7 following a sting operation.

According to the US justice department he allegedly tried to create a car bomb and obtain an assault rifle and explosives.

His arrest followed a months-long surveillance during which he was closely monitored by law enforcement officials.

Officials said Mr Osmakac has been charged with one count of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, which they identified as explosives.

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Video from FOX NEWS:

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3 Replies to “Man Arrested Over ‘Florida Bombing Plan’”

  1. Isn’t Kosovo where we sent our troops to defend the Muslims under Clinton?

    I also find it interesting how many of these jihadists have immigrated to America and become citizens. Yet, they hate us and want to kill us. You talk about gratitude.

  2. Now…have a little patience……

    Normally I am very serious nand to the point….and my following comment is serious, is to the point…buuuuut…a little sarcastic…

    (What… Mr. Laird???…Sarcastic??…Impossible!!!)

    Anyway: Is it just me or does this guy bear a striking resemblance to Richard Reed the Shoe Bomber???….seriously… they??

    Anyway….not only do they look alike but, being from the same gene pool, if quantified collectively, these two sophisticates would be running a deficit IQ……

    On that I am sure…..absolutely positive…..

    (Oh God!!!…I need a social life!!!!……………..)

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. LMAO…this is Florida, if dude wanted guns, their as easy to obtain as cubans! He’s a punk ass douchebag with no stones, I’ve seen a number of his videos and the one point that stands out among themis his inability to deal with his own retardedness, coupled with the fact that the sucken eyes and lip licking is a part of a serious heroin addiction, he’s a useless, nutless wonder who thought he could do something for his pedophile and failed at that, too…just as he’s failed at everything else he’s ever done in his short time on earth….if he wanted to attack military or former miltary, we’re everywhere, we’re his nieghbors, co-workers, grocery store employees, bus drivers, and mailmen….nothing stopped him but his own cowardice, which is the core of islam, inbred, pedophiles and goat humpers without the stones to come out from behind their women and kids and fight us like men! PUSSIES!

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