‘Divide and rule’ Diane Abbott sent son to £6,000 private school in Ghana

A little lefty hypocrisy here. I am reliably informed, that the very same people in Los Angeles who have ruined most of the schools there with abhorrent and anti-freedom policies also send their children to private schools as a rule, leaving the working classes the leftist-elites are supposed to be so fond of, to send their children to the very schools the elites destroyed.

Communism. Ain’t it grand? Good enough for thee, but not for me.

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3 Replies to “‘Divide and rule’ Diane Abbott sent son to £6,000 private school in Ghana”

  1. Diane Abbott is a hate filled racist….who despises the people of UK who took her in and gave her a Cambridge education.

  2. If labour boot her out( not likely) and they make an un-animateted version of Tom and Jerry she could play the role of the gross black woman thats usually seen chasing Tom around with a brush.

  3. the only problem here is the Brits dont want to know the truth about themselve. they leave in denial. the question is ‘for how long’. Honestly speaking thats wat they are, thts their legacy ”divide and rule” even @work places this is evidence.

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