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How long till the British government makes this software illegal for being racist. The US govt.?

A school cancelled several events in Arizona for fear of reprisals because a student actually spoke the bleedingly obvious. I mean it wasn’t anti-Mexican, it was anti-criminal. Anti ILLEGAL. The student even said, ‘Get your green card and come back’ so how can this be hate speech? We are so screwed in the west if we can no longer discriminate between criminals and a racial or ethnic group. By discriminate of course, I mean tell them apart. What the word actually means.

Police Investigate Video of Teens’ Racial Rant:

Medical science has discovered that men and women may be somewhat different from each other. (Obama will likely cut all funding to any similar study in case it might give a result other than the one Marx demands)

Malmoistanians protest the escalating violence in Malmo due to, well Malmoistanians.

A little coke and sanctimony?



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  1. I’ve looked the video up on youtube, and there’s a floodstream of vids and comments in opposition, NONE in support. The task of cleaning out the stable is going to be herculean.

  2. There is something mentally wrong with these leaders including oprahs boy obasama barak, almost 20, 000, 000, yes, that is right, almost 20 million illegals, mexican wetbacks, who are in the USA, and that is over half the population of Canada, There is something wrong with their system. There is a huge underground network of support for them when they get across

    Similar to the one here, in Vancouver and Toronto, where they all work under the table, pay no taxes, but eventually, how the fn hell do they get health care, green cards, etc

    Hey, easy peasy in our systems that lack accountability, when I first moved from Alberta to Ontario several years back, I had 5 different health cards sent out to me over a period of a year, when I inquired about this, and tried to follow it up to check on wherey, why, accountabiloity, etc, it took a month and no one was responsible,

    A tiny example of how easy it is, and there are hundreds and thousands of illegals here in Canada,
    We can still speak out, so far about them, in the USA, because of the islamic lover who leads their country toward destruction, not even individual states can make legislation to keep out the illegals, and Spanish is in many places the second language,
    Similar to some parts of Quebec, where over immigration has led to arabic being the second language to French….
    Ah yes, we need the labor
    Who is responsible for the sick joke recently about Alberta needing a bigger labor forces, some sick attempt to encourage more of the immigrqant scourge out to the prairies….

  3. I like how they announce this state-wide manhunt for the girls on the video and then in the same breath, go on to explain that they have done nothing criminal. Huh? Why are they searching for them then? What are they going to do to them if they catch them, if they’ve broken no law? Doesn’t it just make your skin crawl to watch these white authority figures dancing and smiling in fear as they are whipped by the word “racism”? Don’t you just wish one of them would grow a pair and think for themselves for once? Saying what you think isn’t supposed to be illegal!

    It’s funny, but I keep hearing about guys I know picking up everything and moving permanently to a beach in Thailand. We North Americans may live in a wealthy, safe world, but our quality of life is diminishing rapidly. The time is fast approaching when there will be a camera focused on you 24/7, and God help you if you say or do anything that even comes near to being politically incorrect. Soon it will be 5-years in prison for consuming a beer within two weeks of operating a motor vehicle without a helmet. We are simply giving away our most important asset – our freedom to just live without having to check with the authorities before we do anything. I’m afraid the authoritarians are winning just as they did in Germany and Russia. They are systematically turning logic on its head in the manner of the Cultural Revolution and everybody’s too busy with their daily lives to notice. Alas!

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