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4 Replies to “Tommy Robinson statement on the attack on his person”

  1. Tommy is proving that he is a member of the older English culture, the one that built and maintained the British Empire rather then a member of the modern politically correct culture that the left is trying to install in Britain.

  2. I hope that Tommy has a successful and prosperous new year.

    I think he must go around with bodyguards or the next time they will kill him.

    The situation he outlined in Luton sounds horrific and is mirrored all over the UK.

    Pretty soon the real trouble will start.

  3. not much different to what is going on in Toronto and likely other large cities in Canada
    and for those who think this is not happening, take a walk, spend some time, and just wake up, there have been many many incidents in the inner cities, and other areas where similar injustices and appeasments to these anus sniffers have been supported by the police, so called community trained crackpots, and it is outrageous and not acceptable, yet it grows and grows like the cess sludge of cancerous poisonous growths
    someone should list all these incidents that have occurred in the last, say 5 – 7 years, just so we get an overview of the facts and those that the mainstream press NEVER covers……

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