First, there was the Republican ‘Patriot act’. Now we have Obama’s …

This requires more study and understanding than I have either the raw skills for or sufficient knowledge to understand its implications for basic human rights and individual freedoms. I do know there are highly informed readers of this site that hopefully will be able to open a good discussion of this in the comments.

I post this because for years I remember anti-Bush zealots with no understanding of the Patriot act at all, reacting to it like the U.S.A. had suddenly become a Soviet Gulag, ironically a place many of the same people would have thought was a good idea, now support a man who has passed a bill(s) which seems to be of far greater magnitude in the restriction of freedom of speech and individual liberties than anything that has ever been passed into law before within the US. A country that I, as a Canadian, tend to see as the last great bastion of freedom of speech in the world.

I will post a few links here on this. I hope there are some informed readers who can explain to me why this is no more an issue than the Patriot Act was. It is easy to get hysterical about these things with insufficient understanding and a dash of partisanship.


2. Canada Free Press

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  1. Some victim of this law will have to sue. I don’t want to become Britain, where they do a lot of talking about rights, but they have been taken away. We could avoid this road by stopping muslim immigration and deporting non-citizens who advocate our overthrow. If there are any Democrats left who want to stop this train before it is too late, they had better hurry. History will lump them in with the destructors.

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