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9 Replies to “North Koreas flying traffic circus”

  1. HAHAHAHAH unbelievable. It has to be true? No nation would ever expect that their convoys were being redirected by the floating traffic girls!!!!

  2. The world in the 21st century……..

    North Korean air-born traffic girls.
    Armadinnerjacket waiting for the arrival of the 12th Imam.
    Women in Saudi Arabia executed for being witches.
    A Bangladeshi man cuts his wife’s fingers off because she enrols in college.
    Liberian ‘Generals’ drinking the blood of sacrificed children.
    Syrian armed forces fire ‘nail bombs’ on their own people.
    Turkey bombing tobacco smugglers.

    …..all this read in one day on the internet and within the British press.

    But…put your prejudices to one side and remember, diversity is strength and must be embraced and celebrated at all costs. Multiculturalism is the only way forward.

  3. While multiculturalism have some good points, it also have (too) many bad points. Multiculturalism had forced many of us who had naively in the past, welcomed multiculturalism, to be subservient to a more inferior eastern culture and victim of various unsavoury political agenda of multiculturalism . Bullying from one own culture is bad enough, but bullying from another horrible asiatic culture or intolerant religious culture is even worse.

  4. Arthur:

    The irony here is that the only one of those statements you made which is untrue is the North Korean Traffic girls. That is a fake translation of a video about how the umbrellas keep the sun and rain off the girls etc. The comments under the video at the actual youtube site give it up. I was fooled actually till she started talking about being so excited she needed a (post coital) cigarette and needing to pee. You know that won’t be on North Korean media. But it is ironic because of all the statements you made it is by freaking far the most positive and encouraging one. At least it would be an attempt to improve something. And yet it is the only one which is untrue.

  5. Eeyore:

    I was well aware that the Nth Korean traffic girls was an out and out spoof.
    The point of my post was to highlight the absolute stupidity we can find in the world today which is mostly government sponsored. But the most frightening aspect of it all is that our own (Western) governments think they can encourage mass immigration of people from such countries and assimilate them into our culture. It is madness beyond belief.

  6. Yeah, sure. Drop one of these down on I-95 in Philly and lets see it work.

    Total madness. N. Korea is definitely the most religious place out there. Only total zealots of the Dear Leader could expect this to be taken seriously.

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