Kim Jong Ill is no longer Ill. He is now dead.

This next week should be awful for the slaves of North Korea. Presumably anyone caught not grieving with sufficient suffering will be jailed, tortured, beaten or killed as it was when Kim’s father passed away.

In any case, get ready for events to start to move quickly.

In requiem, let me offer this little insight for a little man.

When one actually needs a colostomy bag it is a blessed thing. It offers hope and mobility to the infirm. It can give back a sense of life to one who has been injured or is ill. But that doesn’t mean that it should be allowed to rule the northern part of the Korean peninsula.

NK colostomy bag? Or warden of world's largest prison



If there was any justice, they would let the rest of North Korea eat him.

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  1. Ah, these dear folks should put away their kleenex, for what is death but a leveller! Weep not; old Kim had already made a will and there is another pot face in line for their country!

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