Civilization Vs. barbarism and savagery

Here are a couple of interesting clips which are a nice contrast for a lot of reasons, all of which add up to how civilized people from a Greek tradition of reason and logic think Vs. a people who abandoned reason in favor of a fetish backed by raw force.

First, the clip of an interview of a physics prof. discussing the potential discovery of a new particle which has massive implications for quantum mechanics and much of the model we have of the universe, much of which has given us the very tools we use to write this post and read it…

Notice that the prospect of the experiment finding against the existence of the Higgs boson delights the scientist more than if it was confirmed. This is because with reason, there is no emotional or personal investment in the outcome but only in the truth. If the experiment shows anything it is a success especially if it destroyed existing models.

Now lets compare that to this clip below…

You can see why Islam is in essence, a fetish. They decide what is sacred, not based on it’s intrinsic value to anyone, not even them, but by decree and then set out to use force to make all hold these arbitrary things as sacred and ultimately will demand the power of life and death, well just death really,  to determine what each of us holds in our hearts and punish those who cannot be sufficiently convincing of our sincere belief. In essence, death for bad acting. But this is the facts on the ground in all totalitarian systems. Communists were the same. There is a tendency perhaps, innate in humans to be seduced by the idea that a thing can be true if you just believe hard enough and if the thing doesn’t pan out than someone must have spiritually blinked. The obvious answer is to delete them from the gene pool.

The book, ‘Allah is Dead, Why Islam is Not a Religion’, advertised in a widget at the top of the page, deals with some of these ideas in great depth and with a lot of food for thought.

In the meantime though, what a stunning contrast. A man who looks forward to the possibility that a lifetime’s work and investment in knowledge and a whole cosmology could be smashed to bits like one of his particles because the raw joy of discovery and knowing what is false is just as good as knowing what is not compared to morons spitting and fuming that Europeans worship the wrong idols and must be ruled and controlled and forced to at least appear to worship the right ones.

Oh and anyone who is contemplating the notion that Islam has no idols or physical objects imbued with supernatural powers, just read what Islam claims about the Koran and then burn one in front of a few believers. Then you will know what idolatry actually means. After all, no Buddhist actually worships images of Buddha. They are statements of aspiration. And Europeans do not worship modern art. They just like it.

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5 Replies to “Civilization Vs. barbarism and savagery”

  1. Getting him out won’t do anything, you have to suppress the jihadists so hard they keep quiet while the moderate Moslems change the religion, if it can be changed. Putting it another way you have to step on the Moslems until they apologize and then keep stepping on them until they mean the apology. I don’t remember who wrote that saying but it applies.

  2. I couldn’t help but notice he checked his cell phone repeatedly, a piece of technology that utterly depends on the so-called idolaters. Thy irony is truly astounding, as is the hypocrisy, albeit unknown to the Mustard.

  3. Has anyone ever wondered, had the moslems managed to overrun Europe in middle ages and coverted the inhabitants to Islam, what do you think the world would be like today?

    For a start there wouldn’t be any Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss etc. to create beautiful symphonies, Leonardo da vinci, van Gogh, Rembrandt, Michelangelo etc. to create painting and sculpture masterpieces.

    Can anyone name any famous symphony or painting or sculpture done by any moslems from that era?

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