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Did Iran blast target steel needed for nuke program?

Does the mysterious blast in Iran’s steel factory have any connection to attempts to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program? Foreign reports suggesting Iran received North Korean steel used for uranium enrichment and the production of exhaust systems of missile engines may indicate that there is such a connection.

Initially, the Iranians claimed that the cause for Sunday’s blast was the penetration of water into the steel’s melting pot but later said that ammunition brought to the factory had exploded.

Less than a month ago, Germany’s Die Welt newspaper reported that North Korea had provided Iran and Syria with special maraging steel which serves for the production of facilities required to withstand high speed and heavy heat. The paper claimed that both the Iranians and the Syrians are in need of such steel for the production of new centrifuges for uranium enrichment and the manufacturing of exhaust systems for missile engines.

Iran and Syria have thus far not succeeded in manufacturing maraging steel on their own and have therefore purchased it from North Korea in order to accommodate their nuclear and missile programs, Die Welt claims. The report is based on western intelligence sources.



  1. I don’t know who is setting the bombs but I hope they keep up the good work. It takes the support of between 25 and 33% of the population to carry out a successful civil war, it only takes 1 to 5% to carry out a successful sabotage campaign.

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