Interesting juxtaposition of treatment of people for racism.

I had these subtitles checked. They are accurate enough to post.

This man on the train, so steeped in the narrative that he feels justified in anything he says. Of course, the fact that North African Muslims took over 1.5 million white people as slaves right up to the early 1800s wouldn’t matter to him. Or that European white nations actually, due to their Christian faith, began the process of colonization to stop slavery which was a primarily African and Islamic activity, and still is, would make no difference. Just his dependance on the narrative as all Western people are spoon fed every day.

Of course by now everyone knows about the British girl, the mother of a small boy, who was jailed for days because of speaking on how she felt as a British person, now a stranger in her own land. Meanwhile…

At the youtube page where I found this, there is some additional information on this clip.

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  1. vlad i was slightly disturbed to see a post on CIFwatch, about an individual named Lee Barnes, apparently he is an anti-semite and extremely hostile to jews and Israel and apparently is a supporter of Press TV. What i didn’t know is that he is one of the co-founders of the British freedom party, i was curious to get your opinion on this, as i had high hopes for British Freedom, but if this is the sort of base that they are building from, then i have serious doubts…:

  2. The double standard shown in the two incidents are breeding racism, I have been saying similar things since the 60s when affirmative action was put in place (illegally by the courts, in violation to the written law) and the usual reaction is for people to call me racist.

  3. I’ve heard similar horseshit about us. “You colonialists left Zimbabwe after looting it and leaving us all in poverty… blah blah”

    We build a first world nation. And yes, black people often did much of the labour. Everyone gets a health service, education and other first world benefits. Then they hunt and kill whites, driving us out. Then they follow us home and accuse us of looting and leaving. Hypocritical, inherently racist Negroes.

    Why did you go to France?

  4. We are very very sorry for the infrastructure hospitals clean water plants and drainage,industry,power generation,civil engineering projects, including hydro-electric schemes, roads and bridges and railways,legal and judicial systems,jobs,farming and land development,export trade systems and markets and port infrastructure and logistics.Universities and colleges and schools.Teachers,Doctors ,Nurses and military assistance. We are also sorry for the inconvenience of you having to kill and rape many thousands of these usually European and American and Canadian humanitarians over many years who have taken an interest in your particular shite hole of a country and people.Not one penny should have been spent and not one drop of blood should have been spilled for you!

  5. a bit concerned with the statement that many people would have liked to see the white british woman raped and killed even.I didnt see or hear any of that as regards to that story .Maybe I am wrong. I support The anti-jihadist movement because I believe in truth and the democratic secular way.The statements in the clip hinder this. The black guy is drunk and is very wrong.It is more likely he will get his before we get ours (whites). Our we talking about Islam or race war? Are they both linked? I’m not niave to think it may not come down to race in the end ,but I would like to think we have tried all means available before it turns that way.

  6. Also the lead to the article states that ‘european white nations………..began the process of colonialization to stop slavery’……..

    What utter rubbish! As someone who is white ,proud to be british,can even see alot of the good british colonial rule did in the world , a comment such as that beggars belief. The colonial powers went into africa in the 19th century to spread christian teachings,trade to their own advantage and rule to their own advantage, whilst civilizing the ‘savages’ in darkest Africa. The fact that due to christian beliefs the british were the first to ban slavery and then make a pretty packet out of doing so,does not disguise the fact that we were knee deep in the practice beforehand.
    I am no apologist and wonder if it was not for slavery Beyonce and Oprah would not be in the wealthy state they are now. But lets try and see things how they were. Many countries in Africa were better off under the white man but it was self interest first and foremost that put us there.

  7. Golem: I am looking into that now. I have some good connections into the BFP and I have already put out a feeler that way.

    O_______ God:

    The counter-jihad movement is, exactly as you say, about democratic secular government and its continuance. The left seems to have tied race and culture together by claiming that criticism of belief is now racist and created institutions such as ‘Human Rights Commissions’ and so on which have very real and large impact on all of us, such that the general public often does confuse race and culture or religion now.

    Like religion itself, what people believe often has more impact than what is true. Clearly if the Romans went to war with, for example, the Nordic peoples over religion all of us may giggle as we are content that there is no Odin nor is there a Neptune. But the war would be real.

    Thanks to the narrative of the new left, culture and race are now linked in peoples minds. Race wars seem already to be happening in the US with spates of black gangs deliberately targeting uninvolved white people for beating etc. The rape stats are also telling. I agree with you that all other things must be tried first. And it may not be too late to salvage what was a pretty miraculous culture-civilization we have built. But the language and infiltration of the Frankfurt school has to be eradicated from universities etc. This means probably ending government subsidies to universities so that they actually have to produce practical benefits for what they charge as opposed to communist indoctrination.

    In any case your comment is deserving of a lengthy essay rather than this short off the cuff response. In general, I agree and yes, it is disturbing.

  8. eeyore. fair enough.The trouble is that many intelligent people would struggle to know about the frankfurt school.Even then they might think it is all made up.They then would see the l ink between it,the eu and the rise of islam ,as the rantings of mad men.This is the response I deal with everyday.keep up the good work.

  9. The white folk, cultural Christians, in particular are blamed for all the ills in the world both past and present. Yet, they do nothing to set the record straight. The very foundations of Western culture rests upon the principles and values of Christianity/Judaism. History has it; that following the secularisation of Europe, Christianity went on the offensive and Christians were often politically subversive opposing such things as: the slave trade, the underpriviledged, poverty and much more.

    But history is not been taught in the schools anymore and that is why ignorance and intellectual sloth is rife!

  10. It is certainly is possible he is on welfare but then he may not be. The point is we do not know and even if he is then because he is drunk it makes his statements not of any real value. However, I think he does have the general western guilt factor which has become part of western society thanks to the Frankfurt school and their success in the States. Now I for one do not see Guilt as a bad thing. Cultures like Christianity and Judaism that can critique themselves are cultures that evolve. We can see the same thing in Japan. There was a rethink after the war. Things changed. Whites were into all kinds of mad things like slavery, and witch burning but they learnt to feel guilty and empathize and open their minds to new ways of thinking. I think Guilt in its place is a good emotion. To learn more about the evolution morality I recommend The Better Angels of Ourselves by Stephen Pinker.

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