New clamp on Muslim haters

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MUSLIMS are being urged to report hate crimes under a special disaster plan to deal with the fallout from terrorist attacks. 


Women wearing burqas are targets for abuse. Getty Images

MUSLIMS are being urged to report hate crimes under a special disaster plan to deal with the fallout from terrorist attacks.

Under the Muslim Emergency Management Plan, backed by the state and federal governments, Victorians will be given advice on how to react to anti-Muslim incidents, even if they are considered minor.

Muslim victims of abuse are encouraged to save evidence, take photos and report any incident to police and their local mosque or Islamic organisation.

And in another initiative, Victoria Police is introducing new strategy to deal with violence and threats motivated by prejudice.

It comes amid growing concern over inter-racial tensions in Melbourne’s suburbs and against the backdrop of fears of further terrorist attacks that could strain relations further.

Police are being asked to develop databases on crime motivated by race or religion, so that offenders can be prosecuted.

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The “prejudice-motivated crime strategy” focuses on crimes linked to race, religion, sex, age, disability or homelessness.

Muslims told the Herald Sun they faced increasing abuse on the streets because of their religion.

“A lot of women get yelled at and told ‘Go home’, or ‘There’s no place for you here’, especially women wearing the burqa,” a Muslim source said.

“It happens in shopping centres, at the park or just when you are walking along in the street.”

Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria director Ross Barnett said the new police initiative was needed.

He said judges had the power to take into account hate-related issues in sentencing, but police were not equipped to provide the evidence.

“The elements of the strategy include training for officers, capacity to start collecting data so they’ve got a sense of what is happening, how often it happens, and what the extent of it is,” he said.

The Muslim Emergency Management Plan, financed by the state and federal governments, was devised by the Islamic Council of Victoria with support from the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship.

Islamic Council general manager Nail Aykan said there was no doubt Muslims would suffer a backlash in the event of a terrorist attack.

“Hate crimes can originate from a multitude of matters but in the case of, God forbid, a terrorist attack, of course, you end up with repercussions,” Mr Aykan said.

State Multicultural and Citizenship Minister Nick Kotsiras said the emergency plan arose from a deal struck by the former Bracks and Howard governments.


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5 Replies to “New clamp on Muslim haters”

  1. I haven’t heard about any anti-Moslem attacks after any of the terrorist attacks, so this strikes me as a attempt to placate the Moslems who are upset because people are using legal means to resist their conquest.

  2. This is absolutely disgusting. What about the right of the citizens that built the country to live as they choose without being bullied by immigrant muslims and forced to have sharia shoved down their throats? Why are the invaders the privileged group? Are the political “elite” purposely trying to create an uprising? From what I know about Australians, when they reach their limit and they most surely will, heads are going to roll and if I was one of the traitorous politicians I’d have my escape plans ready.

  3. Since it is not a ‘race’ thing at all, if there was a terrorist attack, all the women would have to do is remove their burkas and nobody would know they support islam.

    Try wearing an SS uniform in London after a Nazi blitz attack, and then complain that “people don’t like you”. Stupid.

  4. “Are the political “elite” purposely trying to create an uprising? ”

    This is highly probable. Because there is a footnote of a footnote, cleverly hidden, in the Lisbon Treaty that will allow the elite to bring back the death penalty, that has been abolished all over Europe. Crimes specially mentioned is rioting, rebellion and uprisings.

  5. This is quite possible, without an upraising the left will have trouble maintaining its power, the big question, the answer of which will determine the outcome of any upraising is, who will the military support? The people or the government?

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