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3 Replies to “Mark Steyn on the attack on UK embassy in Tehran”

  1. Attack on an embassy is an act of war. Western allies to give a warning to Iran, that if they don’t apologies, what will happen to Iran is what happened to Iraq.

  2. @DP111: Then, you will be dead too, ninny! They have enough force to blow off your ass! Imperialist, neo-colonial criminals like you should first be wiped out! We challenge to you to take on Iran; then, you scums will taste the real might of an Islamic power!

  3. An Islamic power that stole, bought or copied Western and even Eastern non-Islamic technology for its ‘power’. Why? Because Islam is backwards. They will never actually develop anything more sophisticated than a clock that points to Mecca or some equally useful thing like a prayer rug that dispenses scotch-guard and band-aids.

    If Iran is taken on, yes it will be a brutal conflict. Not because the West couldn’t just finish off Iran in an hour, they could. The US alone could decimate Iran with one carrier group while the American people merrily enjoy lunch. The reason it would be a harsh bloody affair is because the US and Western powers in general, have more compassion for their enemy than Muslims do for their own women folk.

    We would rather lose some of ours than have to wipe out whole cities of Iranians some or many of whom are actually wonderful, secular minded liberals. Like the ones who were tricked by the Muslims in the ‘revolution’ against the Shaw. So gloat about it if you want to. But the truth is easy to see. Any losses we take if a conflict comes with Iran, would be due to our own concern for the people of Persia. Not because The ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’ is so mighty. Hell the best they can do is close the Gulf. Great for Canadian oil exports. But even that we could fix in 20 minutes if we are actually ready to cause the Iranian navy the kind of damage a carrier group can do.

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