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5 Replies to “Expose on European Parliament members and shameful abuse of public funds”

  1. I first saw this video, or one very much like it, several years ago. Could it be that that expose didn’t put a stop to it? I have a friend who works for the EUGovt. and he gets more vacation time than any govt. employee should be allowed.

  2. Thats one hell of a racket. They get like 240,000 USD a year. Thats a lot more than most senators here in the states make. I think its time people got their torches and pitchforks and head on up to Brussels.

  3. Cathy Sinnott presents herself as an advocate of disabled and mentally challenged children. She meanwhile robs the system blind. Who can we trust?

  4. I cannot get my head around all this murder,rape,torchure and sheer inhuman bloodlust.its not new,its not because what people and nations have done to them,its in their blood and culture for 3000 years.They love to hate and kill,they look foe excuses to kill.Watc the brutal beheadings of Ken Biggley and many other innocent people including women one of which was married to a muslim.Were being invaded and all we can do is throw the guilty out,and prevent anymore coming in,FULL STOP.Sod the EU,if need be get out of it.

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