All marines must not pee towards mecca. Really? Yeah.

From Diana West

Nov 4

Written by: Diana West
Friday, November 04, 2011 6:24 AM 

This week’s syndicated column:

Uncle Sam is getting a little weird. Make that a lot weird. Having dumped hundreds of billions of dollars into a sinkhole called Afghanistan – populated by misogynistic, pederastic, tribalistic and religiously supremacist primitives – to no avail, he has hit on a new plan for winning those ever-elusive Afghan “hearts and minds.”

Uncle Sam has decided that the answer lies in the latrine with the U.S. Marine Corps. No kidding. When nature calls, Uncle Sam has decided he wants every U.S. Marine equipped with a map and compass, or some other way of knowing direction. This is to ensure that no U.S. Marine in Afghanistan urinates in the direction of Mecca ever again.

Now, there’s a winning strategy.

It’s still OK, of course, to spread baksheesh (payola) indiscriminately, chase jihadis into twisting mountain gorges, clear any road laced with improvised explosives – blow up, even, and bleed all over the place. Just make sure your sense of direction is sharp when it really counts.

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On a related note, Obama forbids the use of the word, ‘Islamic’ when referring to Islamic terror.

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2 Replies to “All marines must not pee towards mecca. Really? Yeah.”

  1. All the more reason to KNOW the direction, so that you can actually point it in the RIGHT direction, that is to say in THAT direction, if you KNOW what I mean.

  2. And you thought the military academies were different than most American universities. These are the type of commanders making these rules that the academies turn out these days.

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