Saudis behead another ‘wizard’.

I would flunk this guy if I was dean of Hogwarts. What kind of a wizard can’t stop his own beheading?

None of that though, is meant to take away from the primitive, superstitious, absurd, vicious barbarism of the Saudis and their religion, Islam. Tomorrow is Halloween. I would hope that all free thinking people who are deciding to dress as a Wizard or witch or any related identity, consider trick or treating past the Saudi Embassy or community center or mosque and shake your wand at them. Just once. We need to let these intolerant bastards know that we find that kind of action, the public beheading of someone they accuse of the impossible in a parking lot, as unacceptable.

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8 Replies to “Saudis behead another ‘wizard’.”

  1. I would flunk this guy if I was dean of Hogwarts. What kind of a wizard can’t stop his own beheading. LOL

    I am with you on the trick or treating, what scares me is the idea that the Moslems may start putting things in Halloween candy.

  2. I don’t understand. was this guy a Satanist/warlock or practicing some other religion or was he just dressed in a wizard hat(I can not tell)?

    This needs more explanation

  3. It doesn’t matter who or what he was. The point here is that we have barbarians living on this earth and they get away with this nonsense. The sooner we become self sufficient with our oil and other resources, the better we will be.

  4. I suppose its like the old medieval test for witches…..drown and you were innocent….live and you must be a witch so wee kill you…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  5. Let them go right ahead beheading people, so others can see them for who they really are. I hope we become energy independent so we can leave them on their side of the world, as Jefferson said.

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