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Fjordman has thrown the gauntlet down, daring for the Dagbladet’s Marie Simonsen -who has repeatedly attacked him in that paper- to pick it up and prove her point, if she can. I can only imagine the egg slowly dripping off her face as she reads this op-ed, knowing that she actually has to try and back up her words with actual facts, and knowing that Fjordman is very capable of defending his position and outing her errors. KGS

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Multicultural extremists

Being critical of Islam or multiculturalism isn’t right-wing extremism, writes Peder Jensen. Also known as Fjordman.

Peder Jensen

27.10.2011, at. 11:52 TIP US 2400 Fjordman: “It is my opinion, supporters of non-European mass immigration are extremists, not the opponents of this,” writes Peder Jensen. 

Dagbladet’s Marie Simonsen has repeatedly attacked me in the newspaper’s columns, no later than the 25th October. She writes that the author ” seems unable to participate in a public debate, where he meets resistance . ” Okay.

I challenge to her is hereby given to show how many places in the world larger Muslim populations over a longer period of time has shown the ability to live peacefully with their non-Muslim neighbors. I will respond with an article.

IT IS NOT something right extreme for being critical of Islam or multiculturalism. Popular resistance against Islamization is now beginning to spread far into the traditional left. Thilo Sarrazin for example coming from the SPD, the Social Democratic Party of Germany and thus a sister party of the Norwegian Labour Party and even to those who were at Utøya.

But let’s not talk about such things, it will make it much harder for, including Dagbladet, to demonize people they do not like, and it would be sad.

It is, in my opinion, supporters of non-European mass immigration are the extremists, not the opponents of this. Is it not extreme displacing the native population in many parts of Europe, as is happening now?

An ideology can hardly be more radical than to deprive the indigenous population of an entire continent’s countries, and suppressing opposition to this.

Marie Simonsen wrote in the spring of 2007 that it should be considered as a universal human rights for all people around the world to move exactly where they want to.

Considering that the world population is expected to increase by billions of people over the next decades, and that the population growth in just a single country, Pakistan, is sufficient to crush a tiny country like Norway in just a few years, one has to conclude that Simonsen doesn’t like the continuing existance of the Norwegians as a people.

Since hardly anyone in mainstream media as far as I know, contradicted her at the time, one must assume that this view is widespread in the press corps. It is in this case a problem.


  1. Yes can they show us the success stories of Islamic cultures.Which islamic countries are havens of democratic freedom? Where murder and the violence of the Sharia are not present and women’s rights are recognised?

  2. The answer to Fjordmans question is nowhere are Muslims able to peacefully co-exist with another culture once they become numerous.

    This is not conjecture, it is a fact.

    Therefore there is no place for them in the west and all Muslim immigration should be stopped forthwith and they should be encouraged to leave ASAP.

    They do not like us and we do not like them.

    Full stop.

    I forsee the rivers foaming with blood.

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