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7 Replies to “Somali Islamic terrorists have kidnapped more aid workers.”

  1. Easy to solve. Stop sending aid workers, stop sending financial aid to these countries, DO NOT EVER pay a ransom. If they cannot make money off of it, the instances of hostage taking will be greatly reduced. If you continue to pay them for terrorist acts, they will continue the hostage taking. Yes, that is cold hearted, but rewarding them just ensures that their crimes will continue.

  2. Putting some of our best and bravest in mortal danger to rescue people like the “hikers” ransomed from Iran is, in my opinion, wrong. If you decide to vacation in an unstable area and are taken hostage, do not expect to have anyone pay big $ to ransom you. You put yourself in harm’s way deliberately, it’s your fault. The Somali pirates highjacking ships is a different problem. Privately paid armed security to protect your ship is the responsibility of the ship’s owners.

  3. It baffles the mind that people go to Somalia at all. Today at the mega factory where I work the hardened boss asked for a Safety Tip before the start of another hot and difficult shift, and some wag said Do not to Somalia for a holiday. It seems that even the common man knows this but these people live in some sort of bubble. Somalia ahhhhhhhhhhh a place of lovely people that are just a little down on their luck due to starvation and war. Anyway, I am too tired to think anymore today.

  4. If people are really as stoopid as to go to these countries, then they can basically suit themselves. Let them get beheaded. Who cares? I don’t want to pay one dime in ransom for idiots like them.

  5. The world was made safe for the idiots by hard men who went in to places like Somalia and killed the trouble makers, after the left started saying we couldn’t to that anymore things started to change.

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