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6 Replies to “Libya: Peace equals chaos, anarchy, journalists being hunted in the streets”

  1. This “jornalist” is just spouting out russian anti western invective crafted by propoganda experts. There are very few actual facts, none of which are not known already. And the whole thing is laced with an unproffesional commentary that can only be described as borderline hysterical. That fast content high delivery is intentional, there is no way we can conciously think about what the “jornalist” is saying. I have seen it in other RT clips as well.

    This filth is not the real Russian perspective. It’s the perspective Russia wants non russians to have, which is general distrust of their own institutions and leaders and distrust of all other countries and all other elements within their own societies.

    If you’ve not seen the lectures and interviews of Yuri Bezmenov (you probably have) I highly reccomend them. He worked for the KGB masquerading as a press officer before he defected.

    He said the KGB devoted 85% of it’s budget and time to foriegn subversion rather than actual spying. That may not be the case now but it does indicate the general way of thinking of their intelligence service. Another thing he says is that instead of always instigating things they jump on things that are happening and stick a wedge in to make divisions caused by them worse.

    I don’t feel good about carping on about these clips but Russian propoganda directed at us can do more damage than arab propoganda because the Russians are much better at it and target entire populations rather then the few people they think they can sucker.

    I do reccomend the viewer listen carefully to every sentance of this clip and think about why Russia would want non russians to think it.

  2. I agree with you generally Truthiocity. But I do think that Libya is more or less as described. I think it is chaos and local media here reports that there are children on the streets firing guns etc. Libya and Tunisia is likely to be Islamist states sympathetic with Al Queda if not actually run by them. I think Iran is the model for these states. The proof is what just happened in Tunisia when a TV station showed the important animated film, ‘Persepolis. Rioting ensued with the excuse that the movie showed an image of god. As a commented on that post said here on this site, it was much more likely to be because the movie showed the Iranian model where religious zealots used leftist useful-idiots to take political power and exposed this modus. Chances are the rioting happened to distract from that.

  3. Libya is as described and things will get worse.

    Yes the Russians are spreading propaganda, and if they follow their old formula there will be a lot of truth embedded in the lies to support the lies. A style the Western left rarely uses. Russia isn’t an open enemy of the west anymore, but the sure aren’t our friends, and Putin who was a Colonel or Lt. Colonel in the KGB wants to restore the Russian power to what it was during the Cold War. He is working against the west but doing it quietly so he wont get caught.

    As I said there will be truths in the propaganda story, in this case most of the story is probably truthful.

  4. For the record I think Qu-Daffy got what was coming to him but Obama intentionally handed the country over to extreme radical isliamists and knew all about them from day one. If the “interrum” president is in any way connected to the Muslim Brotherhood then the US president has essentially commited treason. MB leaders have openly and repeatedly declared war against the US quite recently.

    My critique was of this specific clip only.

    I wrote a large responce but when I found out about British Civilians For Peace in Libya, who this guy is the spokesperson for, I scraped it.

    British Civilians For Peace in Libya was started by and is run by Dave Roberts, who is, drumroll please, A BIG FAT COMMIE! Oh my stars and garters, what a surprise.

    The group was started on march 9. It’s purpose appears to be to produce pro Quadaffi / anti Nato propoganda.

    Apparently Dave the Commie liked Qu-Daffy since 1999 because Qu-Daffy was a socialist. Dave the Commie seems to think gross human rights violations are acceptable when commited by socialists. Dave is a tool.

    Here is some info about Dave the Commie:


  5. For those who don’t follow the link, I wasn’t name calling or using rhetorical exaggeration. Dave Roberts, who’s group the talking head in the clip is representing, is a Communist politician and a member of the Socialist Labor Party (not the Labor Party) in England. And he is also fat.

  6. People are just beginning to understand what has been done, unfortunately most of them will refuse to admit that some if not most of the world leaders knew the Islamists were going to take over and ignored this fact. Some because they think they can tame the beasts and others because they support them.

    Treason is hard to prosecute, that is why the US created the law about giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

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