1 + 2 = 3

It seems to me that if you add many of the crucial elements of WW1, the Ottoman empire and its desire for world conquest for Islam with Turkey as the head, and today, possibly Iran and or Egypt competing for that spot with Turkey, and you add some of the crucial elements of WW2, the Jew hatred, present in both Nazi-leftism and Islam,  both irrational and both highly motivating like religion itself, you get a decent picture of what WW3 looks like. Now the Nazi party of the USA has pitched in with the Occupy Wall Street protest, a distinctly socialist movement which pretends to represent the poor and oppressed but is actually sponsored by unions, the members of which are some of the best paid and have some of the best benefits, not to mention security and entitlements our various nations have to offer. (Warning: the link above actually does go to the American Nazi Party site. I’ll put a screen cap below in case anyone does not wish to have to click it and go there)

We have seen Islamic groups come out in favor of OCW in NYC to Tehran. Muslims, leftists (wealthy powerful unionists and their useful idiots) and Nazis all united by profound Jew hatred, often under the totem of anti-Israel and as often not, and the math looks pretty clear to me.


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  1. To my fellow American Jews, stay the fuck away from these OWS demonstrations! Calling these guys Nazis or terrorists is not slander since it is now the truth. They are now out for blood and we must expose these vampires to the sunlight. When you hear these demonstrators screaming about the “ZOG”, it’s fight or flight time. If someone hates Bernanke for being Jewish more than anything else, then that is a distraction from the real issues at hand. The era of collective Jewish support for the left has come to a critical point and it should end now.

  2. This is another reason we may be going into a new Dark Age, personally I expect violence next year from the leftist groups now sheltering under the OWS umbrella. I don’t know how many people will join in the violence but the lefts best hope for maintaining power in the US is to disrupt the elections.

    Welcome to my nightmare.

  3. Why on earth do not OWS publicly repudiate this Nazi endorsement–are they too stoned and/or disorganized? NYTimes tried to put a positive spin on it a day or two ago, with an article showing Jews at OWS. Wake up, please!

  4. Antisemitism is becoming politically correct so most of the people at OWS don’t see anything wrong with the Nazi’s showing up and signing on, you will notice that they also didn’t object to the Moslems joining in the other day.

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