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11 Replies to “Major earthquake hits Turkey”

  1. Mark 13:8 “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places. There will be famines and troubles. These things are the beginning of birth pains.”

  2. Please name a 10 year period in human history in the past 10,000 years where this has not been the case.

    Thank you.

    Eeyore 14:22

  3. Eeyore …What is slightly different is the ancient principality of Persia now Iran is very close to assembly line production of nuclear weapons and will soon be able to realize the dream of the Arab world and martyr themselves in the process.Which Ahmadinejad believes is necessary for the appearance of the the 12th Imam and the final worldwide victory of islam.Where M.A.D (Mutually assured destruction) kept the West and the USSR from the insanity of war Ahmadinejad is counting on it.

  4. Eeyore
    Most famines have been enhanced by man. There have been a few great famines but not many.
    The great Irish famine was started from the Tambora volcano then enhanced by government ineptitude.

    This graphic will show you the cold spells that induced famines and pledges.
    The bottom red dots such as the fall of the Roman Empire when the Vikings attacked and so on. Side note: the best times of human history was when it was warmer.


  5. Eeyore you and bains are both right, the only difference between the 21st Century and natural disasters and the 19th Century and natural disasters is the speed of our communications. Bains is right in that Ahmadinejad thinks 1) the 12 Imam will only return when there is hell on earth and 2) he as put on earth to bring back he 12th Imam. The religious people in the west have no problem understanding the danger from him, the non religions think that all religious people don’t really believe and thus think he is not a danger since he doesn’t believe.

  6. Coupal it was an Iranian mullah I believe and Richard, I agree with all. I was directing my question to the fellow who quoted revelations. I believe that famous yet scary quote applies to all time in human history. However I agree 101% with what you and Bains say here. In fact I work often with expat Persians who help me translate etc. who would confirm all this in spades.

  7. When I took a Bible course to fill in time so the GI Bill would pay for that semester the Minister teaching the course said that Revelations was a coded message written in a code that the Christians of the time knew how to decrypt. That code key was lost a long time ago but Revelations is about something that was happening at the time the letter was written, something that was so politically sensitive that it was too dangerous to write about without using a code.

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