This report also needs to be understood in light of the well known Muslim controlled “No-Go” areas, where the police and first responders refuse to enter without extra back-up. It increases the odds that they’ll make it out these areas without loss of life and limb. KGS

BadNewsfromTheNetherlands blog:

“A quarter of the Dutch police force doesn’t act in situations where they find themselves at risk. They are either poorly trained, afraid of violence, or consider that they have too little backup. These are the findings of a confidential report by the Police Academy. The study is based on interviews with 4,400 policemen. Other results show that certain policemen also avoid violent situations because they do not receive support from their bosses.”

From the Dutch news source, SpitsNieuws.nl:


  1. muslims have been migrated into our western lands to militarize our police forces..
    because eventually necessity will force the police to strengthen their ability to project force..
    just look at America.. small town SWAT teams only exist due to anti-terrorism funding..

    the problem is, the ‘ruling class’ will have the police used against non-muslims the majority of the time..

    muslims force totalitarianism..

  2. Most of the western police forces has also been heavily infiltrated by arselifters. One goal is probably to do ethnic cleansing within the force and increase their own numbers in the same force. The kuffar officers will flee the force in large numbers as they cannot stand the situation. hey will be bullied both with from their bosses and their fellow arselifter collegues. Slowly with the samall steps of tyranny our police forces will be taken over from within. Of course they will use violence to clamp down on protesters like EDL or any other national version of them. I expect to see similar incidents as in Cairo recently. They will simply just drive into the crowds ruthlessly trying to kill as many as possible.

  3. This is what happens when you let the government get too big and powerful, and you let them and the criminals be the only ones armed.

    “Government like fire is a good servent when it is kept small and weak, but a poor master when it is allowed to become big and powerful.”

    “An unarmed citizenry are slaves waiting for the chains to be slapped on.”

    Both quotes are from the late great SF author H. Beam Piper.

  4. It’s truly a pathetic thing to watch when a people don’t know they’ve already been conquered. But this had happened awhile ago, didn’t it?

    “The interests of Muslims coincide with the interests of the socialists in the war against the crusaders.” -audiotape message of Osama bin Laden from Al Jazeera TV as translated by Reuters on 14 February 2003.

  5. True enough these organisations normally get infiltrated by arse lifters. It always strikes me as a homosexual thing and maybe why the Queers for Palestine organisation in London got underway. Queers and Muslims unite!Yeah that will work!

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