Hertz Suspends Muslim Shuttle Drivers for Praying on Company Time

It is about time that someone in the real world started to treat Muslims equally, instead of giving them special rights and privileges, taxing the rest of us for it, and calling that equality. Someone needs to give HRTZ an award for rationality.

From FOX news:

Published October 07, 2011

SEATAC, Wash. –  Hertz has suspended 34 Muslim shuttle drivers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for praying on company time.

The company says the drivers are required to clock out, under terms of a settlement two years ago with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Drivers told The Seattle Times they were sent home last week for praying. Teamsters Local 117, which represents the workers, is trying to get them back on the job.

The union represents about 79 drivers at Hertz who earn between $9 and $10 an hour. About 70 percent of them are Muslims. Observant Muslims pray five times a day.

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  1. As applies to any other religion in the west, let those cockroaches pray and cock their arses in the air in their own time. Like most people I am getting absolutely pissed off with these creatures always demanding special privileges.

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