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11 Replies to “Michael Coren: Naming Lutheran terror”

  1. Very droll. We Lutherans are honored to constantly be used as an example in this regard. (Lutheran grandmothers being frisked at airports! etc, etc.) Far from being stern fundamentalists, we Lutherans are a live-and-let-live bunch well known for our sanguinity and sumptuous pot-lucks.

  2. Paula

    We all know that Lutherans are told to lie about their religion, particularly when speaking to non-Lutherans like myself. So please, Taqqiya( oops sorry, wrong religion) will not work anymore. We all know about Martin Luther, and his “liking” for 6 year old girls.

  3. It is an honour to be used in this way. Says a lot for the Lutherans to be juxtaposed with Islam. Frankly though, Nazis come out fairly favourably in direct comparisons with Islam. After all, at least they liked art and music.

  4. eeyore: Frankly though, Nazis come out fairly favourably in direct comparisons with Islam. After all, at least they liked art and music.

    That is what I have been saying for a long while. Nazis would not have destroyed the great works of art and music – the bais of much of Western civilisation.

    When the Nazis were replaced by a democratic government, their instincts guided them to compensate the victims. And they did so to the best of their ability and more besides. Germany has recompensed more for its past then any conqueror in history both financially and publicly .

    It will be more then just, that this time it is Germany that rescues Europe from the hegemony of the EU, and existential threat posed by Islam. If they do, I hope it will finally close the chapter on their Nazi past.

  5. All Germany is doing is delaying the collapse of the EU and ensuring that their economy will collapse also, the world has followed various versions of the Marxist economic policy for too long, the debt they have built up is too large. A collapse is inevitable the question is which nation/economic power will fall first? Right now the two strongest economies in the world are Germany and the US, the PIGS are going to collapse Europe in the next few months or next year. Some economists are saying that barring a collapse of Europe or the US China won’t collapse until sometime in 2013, personally I think they are being way too optimistic on the state of China’s economy. When the fall comes no one nation is going to pull the world out of the collapse, it will take several working to better their own nation to fuel the recovery, one that will take years if not decades to occur.

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