Affirmative action is not ‘reverse racism’.

It is simply racism. All racists have ‘reasons’ why it is ok to apply different rules to different demographies. The fact that leftists do not say, ‘we are discriminating against group X, but we are discriminating FOR group X does not make a single bit of difference. Either you are racist or you are not. Affirmative action is racism, but, much like the Islamic word for ‘justice’ which actually means that all in the circumstance are subject to sharia law with Muslims being supreme, ‘affirmative action is just good ol’ fashioned racial discrimination.

I would be much much less likely to hire a lawyer, doctor or engineer who had the bar lowered for him because of his demographic and frankly, people in the groups selected for should really be furious. To accept these benefits is an admission of lesser ability.

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2 Replies to “Affirmative action is not ‘reverse racism’.”

  1. What a great idea. The results are to say the least, impressive. The debate is on and at the National level. To have done otherwise would of been the same old thing which is that the Democrats would once again get away with passing a discriminatory, racist, sexist affermative action bill. I congratulate this student for his creative demonstration.

  2. Affirmative action action wasn’t passed by Congress, this “law” was written by a left wing Judge and a leftist dominated Supreme Court said it was legal. If you take the time to dig out the history almost all of the discriminatory laws intelligent people hate were illegally written by activist Judges. This is another reason the left wants the public dumbed down, they don’t want people to know that Judges aren’t allowed to write laws.

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