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9 Replies to “Video: Children being ‘charged’ with ‘racism and homophobia’ from age 3”

  1. The left is using the terms racist and homophobia to try and control the public, the problem is that the kids are being damaged by this effort, possibly permanently.

  2. Yup, but the left sees this as a change to beat up on their political opponents and stop people talking in their own homes, this is another attack by the thought control police. If the kids don’t hear things at home they can’t repeat them later, if the parents think their kids future will be ruined they will stop talking about certain subjects. Thought Control.

  3. Here in Sweden the thought police has already banned the swedish word for negro. Now they want to go further and ban the words for black and dark as well. I’m sure there will no longer be any problems with multiculturalism and mass-immigration once all these words are gone as they accordingly to orwellian newspeak are no possibilities to formulate the problem any longer. Everybody will live in utopia. End of sarcasm.

  4. No matter what the left will work to control peoples thoughts, in the long run the control freaks always lose but the short run can be very nasty for the ordinary people.

  5. They will cause resentment and more school bullying .
    Are they going to imprison people for words,what color clothing they wear or what they are thinking? Will it be illegal to not be gay,black,brown or have blonde hair?

    If “whites” were as racist as people claim there would be Germans beating up Italians ,Danes kicking Belgians,Spaniards pounding on Greeks,Irish punching out Swedes etc. Americans would have to self mutilate since they are so mixed.

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