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9 Replies to “If you stand for the US constitution, you are now a white supremacists.”

  1. That just about says it all right there. Anything associated with the West, like culture, laws, or values, is white and racist. Ask some of our democratic black congress members and they can tell you all about it.

  2. This is true, the left has worked to create this situation and now we are fighting to regain control of the language and the country.

  3. Yup if you are white in the US you are a racist.
    You can be called a racist for saying Obama’s name,over a parking place,a hamburger,saying the name of a town where black people live or a shopping day .

    Every one of those were complaints that made newspaper reports.

    My son’s teacher told the class they are racists if they do not date someone of another race.He is 15 and has been on two dates in his life but he is called a racist since neither was with an African – American .

  4. In the words of Ayn Rand: Historically, racism has always risen or fallen with the rise or fall of collectivism.

    More words of Ayn Rand: There is only one antidote to racism – the philosophy of individualism and its politico-economic corollary, laissez-faire capitalism.

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