They can’t even go to a bar, (a gay bar that is) known not to be frequented by Muslims. According to sources in the EDL:

Last night (Sept. 23) a group of EDL people went to a gay bar called the KINK in Luton, because that used to be the only place they could where there were no Muslims. However, on this occasion – perhaps knowing that the EDL were in the bar – three Muslims showed up.

When they were inside the bar, they attacked the EDL members who were there. The EDL responded vigorously, and a fight ensued.

The patriots of the EDL got the best of their attackers, and reportedly did significant damage to some of them.


  1. we are fierce warrior tribes to foe and ee hail from the land of poets no Arab is my master in Islam we are equal. As a wise commonwealth ugandan solider once said to his imperial british master “them People no good each man is his own sultan and he was right an all general cornfield got for his troubles was a bullet to the head. look for a poem called the tree of bad counsel

  2. I can see that you are Somali. Yes there is a fine tradition of poetry there. There are many wonderful poetry competitions. I know a couple of Somalis and they are fine with me. I am fine with them. I wish all of Somalia well. I hope Somalia can become prosperous and peaceful by getting a peace deal that really works. Shalom to you all.

  3. The Nubians were skilful archers and attacked from a safe distance perched on tree tops. They were never seen by the Muslims who camped below. We have it on the strength of Muslim historian Balazuri that they would shout to the Muslims where would they like to be hit by their arrows, and where the Muslims mockingly named some part of the body, the arrow invariably struck there to the great grief of the Muslim who had mockingly challenged the Nubians to hit him.

  4. The Nubians fought stoutly and gained a reputation amongst the Arabs as skilful archers, who specialized in blinding their opponents by shooting at their eyes; they were known to the Arabs as rumat al-hadaq, “pupil-smiters “. Soon after these first raids, a treaty known as the Baqt, from the Greek pakton, a pact, was concluded, by which the Nubians supplied annually four hundred slaves in return for foodstuffs and cloth.

    The, till then, undefeated march of the Muslims was halted and reversed in Nubia. This proved to the others (especially to the Byzantines) that the Muslims could be vanquished. It is due to this victory that the Nubians preserved their Christian heritage in large tracts of Nubia (Southern Sudan and Ethiopia).

  5. It was such doughty and tenacious Nubian warriors who for the first time defeated the Arab Muslim Jihad since its start in the year 622. In Nubia, the African tribal army never challenged the Muslims to open warfare. They hid themselves in the forests during the day and attacked at nightfall, when the Muslim army retired. There were only skirmishes and haphazard engagements and in such type of warfare the Nubians excelled the Muslims.

  6. During the Muslim aggression against Nubia, the Muslim gangster Uqba who was leading the invading Muslims came across a concentration of the Nubians. Before the Muslims could attack the Nubians; the Nubians subjected the Muslims to a merciless barrage of arrows. The arrows were aimed at the eyes of the Muslims who had defensive leather armor all over their bodies, except over their eyes. and in the encounter 25000 Muslims lost their eyes. The Nubians were also very fast in their movements. The Muslim cavalry was known for its speed and mobility; but it was no match for the Nubian horse riders operating in pitch dark. The Nubians would attack in the dead of the night, strike hard against the Muslims, and; then vanish into the dark before the Muslims could recover their balance and take counter action. The hit-and-run raids; by the Nubians caused considerable damage to the Muslims.

  7. The Crusaders were stunningly successful, and in their first rush overwhelmed the barbarous Muslim with even greater barbarism. The Crusaders not only slaughtered the Muslims, but went further to roast and eat the Muslims in a gruesome barbecue. An exercise that can today be termed as recycling the adversary!

    The history of jihad is fascinating. There are so many things to learn. I hope you spend some time learning of how the jihad was defeated in Africa and learn more about the very tasty information regarding the eating of muslims. Even today muslim jihadists are eaten by Papua New Guinea warriors. This certainly strikes terror into the heart of these modern imperialist jihadis.

    I have told you a little but the rest is up to you; please educate your good self yourself further. Shalom.

  8. This summer the United Nations declared a famine in Somalia, saying that tens of thousands of people have already died and as many as 750,000 may soon starve to death unless aid efforts are rapidly scaled up. The Shabab have refused to allow many Western aid organizations into their areas and have even blocked people from leaving drought zones.

    There are more weighty things in this world than the Jews as far as black people are concerned. In fact Jews are irrelevant! when Africa is faced with terrible disasters like this.

    I may have alienated you but I still feel that I respect you as you are an African man who respects his ancestors; we have had a frank exchange of views. We can agree to differ. Shalom. May the good people of Somalia prosper. I will leave at that. This is my final post.

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