Sri Lanka Buddhist monks destroy Muslim shrine

I wonder if this BBC article will mention the giant Buddhist statues that the Taliban destroyed for no reason whatsoever except they were Buddhist? Or that Afghanistan was a Buddhist country by choice, forcibly converted to Islam? Or the constant slaughter of Buddhists by Muslims in, for example, Thailand for no reason other than the Muslims want to ethnically cleanse out Buddhists from Buddhist land.

From BBC:

By Charles Haviland BBC News, Colombo

The crowd demolishing the shrine (Photo courtesy: Sri Lanka Mirror) The demolition has been denounced by both Muslims and Sinhalese (Photo courtesy: Sri Lanka Mirror)

A group of Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka led a crowd that demolished a Muslim shrine last week, the BBC has learned.

This incident took place on Saturday in Anuradhapura, an ancient Buddhist city and Unesco world heritage site.

The monk who led the group told the BBC he did it because the shrine was on land that was given to Sinhalese Buddhists 2,000 years ago.

But a prominent Muslim in the area said he was very sad and the sentiment was shared by many Sinhalese too.

A Sri Lankan news website showed photographs of a crowd including monks apparently reducing a small structure to a pile of rubble.

The mob waved Buddhist flags and – in one picture – burnt a green Muslim flag. There have been no other reports of what happened.

‘Police presence’

But the BBC has spoken to the monk, Amatha Dhamma Thero, who admits masterminding the demolition of the Muslim shrine.

He said he arranged a gathering of 100 or so monks, including some from other Asian countries, to take action because – he alleged – local Muslims were trying to convert the shrine into a mosque despite new constructions being illegal on this site with its many Buddhist temples.

He said local government officials arrived and said they would remove the shrine within three days, but the crowd said “we cannot wait” and proceeded to tear down the structure.

Some witnesses say that the police were present during the incident and did not do anything to stop the destruction of the shrine. Amatha Dhamma Thero says that the police were there to prevent communal clashes.

But the police deny they were present at all.

“This is a fabricated story. No media in Sri Lanka has reported this and we don’t have any police report. If this happened there would have been a complaint. We have not received any complaint,” outgoing police spokesman Prishantha Jayakody told BBC Sinhala.

One councillor told the BBC that mosque officials were afraid to complain about an attack that occurred while senior police officers were present.

The demolition has been denounced by a local senior Muslim and a local Sinhalese politician.

‘Government should act’

The Muslim, Abdul Razack, denied that a mosque was planned and said the demolished shrine was about 300 years old and had attracted visitors of other faiths too.

He said local Muslims and Buddhists alike were concerned at what happened but Muslims had avoided the site on Saturday, fearing sectarian disharmony.

The politician, Aruna Dissanayake, said the government should act against those who had attacked the shrine.

A minority was trying to create sectarian problems in a place where most Muslims and Sinhalese Buddhists co-existed well, he added.

Most of Sri Lanka’s majority Sinhalese are Buddhist, and Muslims are regarded as a separate ethnic group.

In a recent newspaper column, a veteran Muslim journalist said there was a growing fear among his community that some people were running a campaign to incite the Sinhalese against them, including through Sinhalese websites and print media.

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15 Replies to “Sri Lanka Buddhist monks destroy Muslim shrine”

  1. It is the Buddhists of the world who will defeat Islam. They are the ones who have become incredibly rich. China, Japan, South Korea and other far eastern nations are all Buddhist and even have joint meetings as Buddhist nations. They are rich and successful and it is they who, due to more buying power are eating more wheat. This means a rise in wheat prices. Coupled with Ethanol production in the US these two factors, both involving wheat, have created a lot of problems for the Muzzies. Higher prices led to the so called Arab spring due to higher wheat prices, which Spring madness means more poverty due to destruction of the tourist industry in Egypt and Tunisia, both down now by about 40 percent. And do not forget the Buddhist countries like China, South Korea, and Japan are not multiculti lunatics. The chinese have been crushing their muslims for ages as have the Thai government. The Buddhist are capable and strong people and have more in numbers and technology and power, and money than the pathetic little umma.

  2. “This incident took place on Saturday in Anuradhapur, an acient Buddhist city and UNESCO world heritage site” Says it all!

    This story is fantastic, fabulous, if it was not for the fact that: this particular site is an ancient Buddhist archaelogical site,[over 2000 years old] no one can build, change or add to it not even the monks without the express permission from the goverment, heritage, archaelogical branch. It has to do with the preservation of heritage.

    Secondly: Shrines are not allowed in Islam as it leads to idolatary or so they say. Or maybe a small minority of Buddhists have been infiterated by the talibabies who have a known fetish for destruction, ancient shrines included. Don’t think so! But the report did come from the BBC afterall, nuff said!

  3. Muslims they are not a nice group. They won’t change. Only liberals help them but they too will become victims of muslim hate. So perhaps it is time to wake up and smell the hate they have. Not loving kindness not compassion. It is foreign to them now and always. Look back and see what happened to india when the muslims arrived. Look at any country muslims entered. They have one commodity I am sorry to say. Hate. Yes Buddhist can love them have compassion for them but they will still kill you when the time is right. The buddha taught right comprehension in action. It is not right action if you allow people to hurt you. That is plain stupid not wise action. Peace.

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  5. Thanx Richard. I will look into that too. Actually, I am big drinker of soya milk but living well so it does not bother me. Income from my workshops keeps the wheels of commerce going for that consumption preference of mine! Another busy day with the wankers and now I am enjoying a vanilla soya milk drink. Refreshing!Richard are you aware that the ethanol production in the US goes up every year by 1 percent! This is blended into the oil the US uses and it has massive impact on the price of wheat. Finally, we have discovered the means to get back economically at our tormenters.

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  7. The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) states that energy security is the number one driving force behind the US biofuels programme,[71] and a White House “Energy Security for the 21st Century” paper makes it clear that energy security is a major reason for promoting biodiesel.[72] The EU commission president, Jose Manuel Barroso, speaking at a recent EU biofuels conference, stressed that properly managed biofuels have the potential to reinforce the EU’s security of supply through diversification of energy sources.[73] From wikepeadia.

  8. Abdul more corn (maize) is used for ethanol then is sold for food of humans or animals, this has distorted the corn prices to the point a lot of Mexicans are complaining that they can’t afford corn tortillas or taco’s. A bio-diesel is supposes to be build in my home town and there is an ethanol plant 25 miles north of us.

  9. Buddhists haven’t violence.they have kindness only.and i’m worry about the people who’s trying to make violence between Buddhists and Muslims.there are lot of Muslim shrines in Sri Lanka, and Buddhists never trying to demolish them.we respect to Islam religion and all others.that is what The Lord Buddha was sermonized us.and we are sorry, if it was a hurtful incident.(I’m sorry my English knowledge is not good.I hope you will understand what I’m saying.)
    a Buddhist

  10. Why in the world would you respect Muslim religion Shadi? Study the history of Afghanistan. Muslims have slaughtered to extermination Buddhists every single chance they get raping and torturing along the way while they obliterate any signs of your faith, any statues or stupahs or icons of any kind. Really, to respect a thing that has not earned respect but has earned contempt, that’s a little loopy.

  11. fuck all of u hate is Islam,some Muslims don’t follow the religion as u mentioned but others do so hate us coz only some of are bad,

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