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11 Replies to “Pastor Jones invites Hate-preacher to accept Christ”

  1. In “fighting for the cause of mahound’s imaginary alter-ego allah” and “achieving peace” as a consequence, we all know that Somalia is swimming in the “peace” that inevitably always results from such a fight. When Saudi Arabia runs out of oil, we’ll see another Somalia, which will differ from the African one just because of its number of black people, climate and land area. Porkistan is also getting there, and Afghanistan is already there.

  2. That was a wonderful statement by Pastor Jones. Absolutely terrific.

    Proud Kaffir

    What you wrote is absolutely right. Just like the WTC towers collapsed, the entire Islamic world is collapsing. Its in slow motion, but they are collapsing all the same, one after the other.

    1. Iraq

    2. Afghanistan

    3. Pakistan

    4. Yemen

    5. Sudan

    6. Syria

    7. Lebanon (pity for Christians, whose country it was, not a long time ago)

    8. Egypt

    9. Libya

    10. Somalia ( gone a long time back)

    11. Eritrea

    12. Algeria

    13. Morocco

    14. Kosovo

    15. Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and others I cant remember offhand, are all in the process of collapse.

    Muslims are stupid if they think this is just coincidence. The huge hike in the price of wheat and staples, the coming financial crisis, are all Western instruments, and instruments of war, if we so decide, will all cause havoc in the Islamic world. The “betrayal” of Mubarak is another.

    Recall that 9/11 was planned and executed by Saudis in the main. The Saudis also provided the finance and the ideology behind 9/11. The Saudis must be worried sick now. All around them, stable regimes are collapsing, replaced by unstable fanatic entities. All the Saudis have are a lot of paper dollars, and stock in Western financial markets. What happens to their investments they wonder, when the financial storm hits?

    The Saudi princess etc will move to London, where they will become just flotsam flowing down the Thames.

  3. DP111, if the West stopped trying to save muslims from the consequences of islam with an endless supply of cash and infidel-made weapons, as Hugh Fitzgerald has written so many times, the complete collapse of the muslim world would eventually make those less blindfolded and brainwashed by islam, like Ataturk a few decades ago, realize that their cult is the only cause of their endless failures.

    The only problem is that, until our leaders leave those countries to sort their own problems out among themselves rather than bend over backwards to, in their words, “prevent another Afghanistan under the Taliban” or “another Somalia”, that final collapse will be delayed. And, as long as it doesn’t arrive, mahoundians will continue to blame the West and the Jews for their self-inflicted problems. Though they most likely do not regard those problems similarly affecting their lands as a coincidence, as you noted, they still see them all as the work of “Zionists” and “Crusaders” against them, rather than what they would be able to see clearly if self-criticism weren’t anathema to islam.

  4. Pastor Joseph has to be one of the new heroes of counterjihad. If more western clerics and politicians were brave enought to speak out like he did, this jihad nonsense would be sorted out in no time!
    Hats off to Pastor joseph for giving us such an inspiring, brutally honest and highly entertaining video clip.

  5. Proud_Kafir7908

    War is deception. But two can play at the game, not just Muslims.

    Pres Bush, in a momentary lapse of concentration mentioned that we were in a new Crusade. Immediate outcry, and he promptly retracted. But that is what we have now, though it is politically expedient to deny any such thing.

    What Fitzgerald and Auster suggest is the right thing to do, but cannot be done openly. It has to be done in a roundabout manner. We are into spreading democracy and freedom for women in Muslim nations, so they can go to school. Given their freedom, predictably, Egypt’s fanatics have attacked the Israeli embassy, and the staff have left. The US congress is going to consider the 2bn that is given to Egypt. If that stops, Egypt’s credit rating will also drop. How will they feed the population?

    I have always said that Anjem Chaudary is a “bad” Muslim, as he is openly reveals the goals of Islam – he is on our side. I believe he is right as regards MAC- this is a crusade.

  6. Jones has guts and he is telling the truth.

    DP111 you said, The huge hike in the price of wheat and staples, the coming financial crisis, are all Western instruments, and instruments of war, if we so decide, will all cause havoc in the Islamic world.

    They are already instruments of war, whether or not we use them or not, the left has created the perfect economic storm. All nations will be hurt but the ones like OPEC that have their economies tied into one commodity will be hurt worse, I don’t know exactly when the collapse is coming but with the way the Germans are retrenching to save German banks I suspect soon. When it hits it will cause the entire world to drop into a depression, one that will cause riots and probably civil wars in several nations as the governments become unable to continue the massive welfare system the left build to buy votes.

    The US by itself feeds about 1/3rd of the world, and we will remain a food superpower no matter what else happens.

  7. Richard I have said many times, that while the Middle east may have us over a barrel (of oil) we have them over a loaf (of bread) and we can do a hell of a lot better without their oil than they can do without our bread. In fact its a well known expression in political leader circles that any government, totalitarian or democratic, is only 7 meals away from revolution. Well we make our own oil here. Today is Monday. Lets see how the Islamic world feels by Wednesday afternoon if all our grain exports end to Saudi etc.

  8. Dear Rev Pastor, I’m in Borneo Malaysia where you know Indonesia and Malaysia are the most anti Christians and Infidels. They are the country which indirectly support the anti Christians/Jews. Minority are Buddhism, Christianity, Hindus always the victim of hatred.

  9. In Malaysia the anti jews and Christians are very strong. The Malays-Muslims are stupid because if the British wanted to use force and maintain Christianity in Malaya , they can retain it from those days but as we know only Muslims using force for all human being to embrace or follow them, your life will end with sword if you against them or their teachings.

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