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5 Replies to “Rioters fired guns at police officers. Stunning CCTV footage from police in the UK”

  1. No bilbo all they did was disarm the honest citizens leaving them to be unarmed victims, that is all gun control ever does, disarm the honest citizens. The last I heard London had more gun crimes then almost all if not all American cities.

    Always remember the armed citizen is a free citizen, the unarmed citizen is a slave waiting for the chains to be put on.

  2. Sorry I didn’t recognize the sarcasm.

    What do you mean ex handgunner? Given the world situation you may end up needing your guns and skills.

  3. i gave up my ticket before Hamilton went on his murder spree.
    i got bored with them (handguns).

    i think it was Elliot Morley who shouted “at last we’ve got guns off the street” when the ban was voted through parliament.

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