Iranians removing all satellite dishes from people’s homes

Shabnam Assadollahi who hosted the radio program on CHIN radio for 8 years was kind enough to send me these photos which are all from within the past few days. Iranians (Persians as I prefer to think of the anti-current-regime, great people of Persia) have been sending these photos in and posting them to facebook.

Clearly something is up in Iran and the attempt to cut it’s own people off from the outside world is a part of that plan.

I am hoping that Shabnan will write an article for Vlad about what she reads off of the Iranian press when she has a chance.



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14 Replies to “Iranians removing all satellite dishes from people’s homes”

  1. Looks ominous, is there any other way to keep up with what’s going on other than people sneaking stuff out. It looks like a real crackdown is coming and dinnerjacket wants to keep his violence secret. I wonder if the very fact that this is happening will stir countries to condemn on the basis of cutting the people off from the rest of us.

  2. Bambie isn’t gonna complain. Who knows, he may have similar plans of his own.

    Not that I’m paranoid or anything. But what can you expect from a bitter clinger whose suspicions are fueled by such extreme right wing nuttery as this story?

    [I like the “fueled” part. Just noticed recently that the verbal template consists of nuggets like “extreme” or “extremist” — i.e., there aren’t any ‘right wing’ parallels for ‘left wing’. There are only (vast)rightwingextremists and these nutters are inevitably “fueled” by something or other. Maybe Conspiracy bourbon?]

  3. What I don’t get is why they didn’t just knock on the front doors, come in, go over to those 1-inch Iranian balconies, and remove the dishes with screwdrivers. Why are they rappelling down the side of the building like Mission Impossible? I mean, that’s quite the little feat of athleticism those guys are pulling off.

  4. Technology will find a way. AMadDinerJacket has no idea what people he is dealing with. The harder he squeezes his fists trying to control the population, the more freedom loving people will escape through his feeble little fingers. That’s just how it works.

  5. Islam is as Islam does. It oppresses.

    Oh, and Iranians are NOT Persians. Modern Iranians are as about directly descended from Persians as Iraqui Arabs are from Babylonians. They are an Indic people who CONQUERED the last remnants of the Persian Empire, which was virtually destroyed by Alexander, and held on by the skin of its teeth for a few more centuries. They were a fair skinned people whose language was not that dissimilar from Greek. But hey, when you are a diaper headed, Islamo fascist, you can even claim the Dead Sea Scrolls were written by Muslims.

    I say it is time for a new Crusade to save the world from a resurgent, expansionist, viloently anti freedom Islam.

  6. No totalitarian regime can survive when its populace has access to outside news sources, this is why the left is so busy trying to find ways for them to control what is put on the net and to shut down Fox and other conservative news networks. This probably means that a major crackdown is coming, although it could be a sign that Iran is getting ready to fight a major war.

    Chris this action could have two purposes, first it removes the outside news sources from the populace, and second it gives the police and soldiers doing the removal practice in making assaults from above.

  7. It was not long ago when satellite dishes where banned in Sweden by the Social democrats. Evil regimes allays want to suppress their peoples thirst for knowledge.

  8. “I mean, that’s quite the little feat of athleticism those guys are pulling off.”

    how else are they going to get any training?.. most of them haven’t been in any fight that required any real effort.. effing retards..

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