New secret Anders Breivik video found!

At last, his inspiration and plans and thought process made clear.

Ok for the record, more accurately for anyone not quite clever enough to know this is not the Monster of Olso, but a very funny entertainer who I am dead certain never heard of, or met Anders right up to the day he committed his atrocities, THAT WAS NOT ANDERS but John Lajoie. Check out all his stuff, much of it is very funny. But I think this video does more to describe “Lee Harvey Norway” than most of the analysis I have read, especially from the BBC and CBC

Here is another video an illustrious commenter feels may have been the real inspiration to Norway’s fertilizer bomb king:

And always check Europe News for the best reporting on Europe today

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2 Replies to “New secret Anders Breivik video found!”

  1. OK, I take issue with this…
    This amateur wanna-be attention-whoring weak resemblance of a musician does not hold a candle to David Bowie, who already back in 1970 depicted the Breivik mentality very accurately in his Running Gun Blues.
    Listen carefully, and decide for yourself who with absolutely certainty inspired Breivik 🙂

  2. @Henrik Ræder Clausen
    Why are you comparing JonLajoie to David Bowie?

    JonLajoie is a comedian.He makes comedy music.It’s not to be seriously compared to David Bowie.
    David Bowie is a legendary musician but it’s no reason to discredit JonLajoie.
    They are just not comparable.
    I can’t believe you actually took Lajoie’s video seriously enough to compare him to Bowie. You’re an idiot

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