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7 Replies to “12,000,000 refugees if US allows Copts status.”

  1. Just what the US needs. 12 million more welfare recipients who wants to colonize and create little egypt out of it. The US won’t even last because of the mesoamerican invasion.

  2. Lavard … isn’t it better to let Christian refugees find refuge in the USA or Canada rather than muslims ? Western countries are given a mandate by the UN to take in a certain number of refugees each year …. for the next few years the countries from which to accept refugees will be the arabic countries of the middle east and north america. Better them than the Somalis.

  3. No what is best for Europe is to let Europe stay European ethnically and culturally same goes with where Europeans are a majority and in countries they have shaped and formed. What these copts want in the end is to keep their language, religion and culture. Just in another land. Thats not really beneficial to the country who wants them to assimilate and integrate. Look at Swedens assyrian christian communities. Crime ridden and living in a parallel society where they have created their own schools, football teams and towns just for them. Thats colonization.

    Can you say the same about “Hispanic” mesoamerican illegal and legal immigration into southwest usa? USA is going down the drain because European-Americans are becoming a minority in their own country.

  4. The Copts are welcome as long as they are willing to assimilate into the base culture of the US, the problem is when they refuse to assimilate or are not allowed to assimilate.

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