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7 Replies to “Wait maybe Islam does inspire some music after all…”

  1. About Ruyati bintu Sapubi (the woman in the video)


    The woman, Ruyati binti Sapubi, was found guilty of murdering Saudi woman Khairiya bint Hamid Mijlid by striking her repeatedly on the head with a meat cleaver and stabbing her in the neck.

    The migrant worker had been subjected to constant verbal abuse and refused permission to leave the kingdom, according to Indonesia’s National Agency for Placement and Protection of Migrant Workers.

    “In court, Ruyati confessed she killed her employer’s wife after a quarrel because her request to be allowed to go home was turned down,” agency chief Jumhur Hidayat told Antara news agency.

    In parliament on Monday, lawmaker Teguh Juwarno called on Natalegawa to resign and said Indonesia should stop sending migrant workers to Saudi Arabia in the wake of a spate of abuse cases.

  2. This video is very funny, but also kind of insults a great female vocalist, with great phrasing and a fine set of pipes, at least put on some of her other links…..but then anyone can look her up on youtube, I did, and there are plenty of great numbers

  3. According to the Sunday Express, earlier this week Indonesia banned its citizens from working in the oil-rich country after another maid was beheaded for murder. Ruyati binti Sapub, 54, was executed after she confessed to killing her employer with a meat cleaver because of constant abuse.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2008273/Medieval-murder-modern-times-Sri-Lankan-born-Rizana-Nafeek-faces-death-beheading-Saudi-Arabia.html#ixzz1QPpynTJb

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