Gen. Boykin on Muslim countries and sharia law.

Ok here is yet another clip of a credible and experienced person attempting to warn the West on the factual nature of Islam, and how Islam behaves given he slightest opportunity. But why watch it? What’s the point?

The point is that Canada, the US, and Europe are merely several stages before this. The proof, will be published monday in quite an important document. I very much look forward to posting it when its available. But it will be everywhere. When you watch this, and I hope you do, please keep in mind that while there are no surprises here for anyone who is a regular reader of this site and ones like it, these countries are the rule, not the exception. Any nation with more than two or three percent Muslims have mosques. Mosques preach jihad and dominance of all the earth as Mohamed demanded, petulant, murdering, rapist that he was, and all countries which have Muslims have a percentage of those Muslims that work toward the goal of implementing the sharia, be it by stealth, wealth or force.

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  1. Just to add a bit to Eeyore’s point and remind VT readers of something I saw here a few days ago, coming from a Germany-based Coptic bishop: he’s seen how mahoundians act when they’re a minority or a majority… And all that interfaith-dialogue, tolerance and such nonsensical talk coming from mahoundians is something they peddle to fool Westerners with ONLY when they’re a tiny minority.

  2. You got that right, once they are several percent of the population they start pushing sharia on the rest of the nation.

    We are in a war of survival and if we don’t start fighting real hard we may lose the war.

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