“Iranian leaders promote culture of murder and brutality”

Iranian leaders promote culture of murder and brutality” Iran: Young Boy Used to Carry Out Public Execution; Total of 11 Hangings on May 26, 2011

A man was hanged in public  in the city of Qazvin (west of Tehran) early Thursday morning. According to the official Iranian news agencies. Mehdi Faraji, 37, was publicly hanged on the street. He was convicted of murdering five women.

A young boy (probably a minor) was used to carry out the execution by drawing the chair Mehdi was standing on, according to reports and an image released of the execution.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights strongly condemned today’s execution. He said, “The barbaric executions and the act of using ordinary citizens, in particular minors, to carry out executions must be condemned by the world community…Iranian leaders must be held accountable for promoting a culture of murder and brutality in Iran.”

There were 10 other executions carried out on Thursday in Iran: four people in the city of Shiraz (southern Iran), four people in Yasouj prison (western Iran), and two people in Sari prison (northern Iran).

For the month of May Iranian authorities have executed at least 52 people (including minors) so far. State officials and the media are strongly urged to take quick action to aid in halting the overwhelming amount of executions in Iran to prevent further crimes to be committed against humanity.




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  1. It beggers belief. This is what we have to look forward to when and if Allah and his brown men have their way. Thank God that the leader in Uzbekistan is totally against even the mildest expression of islam. He pops people in prison for having a beard! You never can tell where that might lead to! Watch out hippies if you are planning a visit to the least islamic friendly country in the world, Uzbekistan.

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