‘His mother told him to rape the 11 year old’

And just when you thought it was as bad as it could possibly get. I wonder if anything is missing from this report that might shed light on the culture that would encourage this.

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4 Replies to “‘His mother told him to rape the 11 year old’”

  1. Suspended sentance!?! It’s obvious that these people have a perverted morality and seem incapable of distinguishing right from wrong-

    -but they still KNEW it was 100% illegal.

    I have no doubt the reason they organized this marriage was for monetary gain. That filthy bitch goaded her son into raping that poor defenceless child becaues she wanted to get her greedy criminal paws on the dowery from that girls family.

    That the parents of both families are not stuck into prison forever is an obscene crime against humanity. Both families conspired to ruin the life of that defenceless little girl forever and a suspended sentance just does not cut it. Both sets of parents are directly responsible for that rape and should be imprisoned FOREVER and their children sent to live with civilized, humane christians.

    Oh and I suppose it’s normal to marry and rape 11 year old girls in greece? Balony! They aren’t from greece. They are from some amoral durka durka land by way of Greece.

    Seriously, this has to be one of the most upsetting vids I have seen on this site.

  2. What moron appointed that fool a Judge? Both him and the Judge should be removed from office and a mistrial declared, suspended sentences for raping an 11 year old should be a criminal offence.

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